Peppermint Grove Wild Jasmine & Mint Hand Cream

Peppermint Grove is a brand I have seen in all gift shops but it never really interested me since it's kind of pricey. My amazing best friend, however, got me this beautiful hand cream for Christmas! As a barista, my hands get very dry from all the washing, heat, cleaning chemicals and the coffee so... Continue Reading →


The Face Shop JeJu Volcanic Lava Mask

Yes, here I am again with another Face Shop review! I just love that shop so much! If you don't know what the Face Shop is, it's a Korean skincare shop that is AMAZING! I was lucky enough to actually receive this from one of my best friend for Christmas who knows how much I... Continue Reading →

Rich Hand V, Hand And Foot Total Treatment

My recent trip to Melbourne found me at my favourite shop in the world. The Face Shop. For anyone who doesn't know what the Face Shop is, it's a Korean skincare shop that does sometimes have makeup! It is heaven on earth...well next to Vivi's. I've been getting into a lot of swimming lately both... Continue Reading →

L’Oréal Paris Pure clay mask review 2.0

Oh my god why are these masks so good! So one of my first posts was on the L’Oréal Paris pure clay mask in charcoal. Since then I have gotten the whole collection including the two new masks that just launched in Australia which I know have been around for a while in us but... Continue Reading →

La Therapie Creme Gommage Eclat Active Radiance Facial Polish

Recently I went to visit my local spa for a well needed facial. I was told that the exfoliator I'm using was doing more harm than good. To be fair I was using coffee grounds from Frank body scrub. It was quite rough. That's when they recommended me La Therapie Cream Gommage Eclat Active advance... Continue Reading →

The Art Of Wellbeing

Hey guys, Just another lifestyle post.  This one is really important to me. A few months ago whilst I was in the city for my exams I stumbled across this cute little cafe. This cafe was in a loft type building and was full of books and records for sale. That's where I found this... Continue Reading →

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