Float Pods! What even are they?


This is a review still! I swear. Okay so over the next few weeks I am pretty busy with work and uni so you’re just going to have to deal with these type of posts for a while. I get home too late to take photos so no product reviews for a while. Sorry! But the show must go on so let’s talk about one of my favourite pass times….floating!

What is floating?
These little pods have been popping up everywhere over the last few years but everyone I talk to them about seems to be really confused and intrigued about them. So a flotation pod/tank/isolation tank, whatever you want to call it is a tank filled with a heap of Epson salt and water. The place that I go to has tanks that have 200 gallons of Epson salt dissolved into the water which confuses me but sure. They come in many different shapes and are all quite big yet shallow.

The aim of the float pod is to well float and relax. The salt water is heated to body temperature so it’s not hot or cold. Because there is so much salt the water pushes you up so you don’t need to worry about drowning or trying to float. 

Once you are in the pod it is completely black and completely silent making it the perfect place to relax! A normal session is about 1 hour and at that time it is normal to fall asleep. I often fall asleep during my sessions. 

Whats the point of floating?
So whats the point of floating? It has many benefits actually! First of all, it helps with stress, anxiety and helps you sleep. Being alone in a black room with no sound that feels like nothing is very very comforting. If you do a float at night like I do I find I always sleep like a baby since I am so relaxed.

Floating is also very good for pain relief since the water helps relax the muscles and the Epson salt contains magnesium which further aids in muscle repairing. The Epson salt can also help with headaches and migraines.

The best thing it does is for your skin. The water solution helps get rid of pimples and leaves your skin feeling very soft. BE CAREFUL THO THIS SHIT BURNS YOUR EYES AND CUTS LIKE HELLLLL. Every time I go into the pod I like to rub some water on my face and I always get it in my eyes and it is PURE PAIN. So like maybe not the best idea but if you have back acne then it would probably help.

Is it clean?
Yes, it is, each pod is designed to be filtered 3-5 times after use. You also shower before and after you enter the pod. But since there are such a high salt concentration and the heat is only at body temperature there is NO POSSIBLE WAY bacteria can survive so it’s pretty clean. 

Do I recommend it?
I sure do. I love to float. I wish I could float every week but it is pretty expensive but I find it so relaxing! It is definitely a strange yet relaxing experience that I recommend everyone gives a shot at least once in their life.

Have you tried this before? Let me know in the comments.

That’s all from me.
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Zoeva Opulence Blush Palette

If you haven’t heard about Zoeva then where have you been? Do you live under a rock? Zoeva is


If you haven’t heard about Zoeva then where have you been? Do you live under a rock? Zoeva is probably one of my favourite brands right now. I was actually lucky enough to be given the Opulence collection (Minus the brushes but hey I am not complaining).

I have already reviewed the opulence eyeshadow palette which you can read about here. In the opulence collection, there is the eyeshadow palette, the blush palette and the brushes which are actually pretty cute. 

The blush palette contains a blush, a highlighter and a bronzer. I was a little confused as to why this is called a blush palette since its more of a face palette but we will just go with it. 

This whole collection is decorated with the beautiful floral pattern on a black background with gold accents which I think is stunning! Again the inside does not have a mirror which is very disappointing. I think I have a thing for mirrors to be totally honest with you. 

What really surprised me is that this palette the shades had names YAY! I love names. Most Zoeva shades don’t have names which makes me really sad but these ones do.


Let’s start with the true star of this palette, the blush! I love blush and this blush OH WOW. IT HAS GOLD SPECS IN IT. Sorry I got excited. The blush is called underneath the gold which I find quite fitting. It’s a beautiful deep red and uhg I’m so sad you can’t see it on the camera but it is beautiful! It is very pigmented so be careful when you apply it. The first time I applied it I looked like I was sunburnt because well I’m used to blush being not very pigmented. I think that this red would look the best on people with tanned skin tones since its so deep and pigmented but I am quite light and it looks nice on me too. I recommend playing around with how much you apply. 

The Bronzer called impossible to move is admittedly not something that I really would use. Not because its bad, It is actually very good for bronzing and contouring, I just don’t use bronzer. I did try it out and it blends very nicely and has a natural glow rather than that really orange look so if you like bronzer then I say go for it!

The highlighter named do not touch, admittedly I thought was the same as the one in the Winter Strobe Spectrum Palette but it’s not. The strobe spectrum one is silver whilst this is a light gold/champagne shade. It complements the blush beautifully since the blush is so dark and has gold shimmers the two combined just makes the skin look stunning. 


I think that using everything in this palette is the best option since they all complement each other so well (yes even the bronzer). I find that they all blend super easily and with no effort.

The blush is very pigmented so I would be careful. I like to apply the bronzer first and then the blush and then the highlighter. I find that the highlighter is quite pigmented too and has a super high shine which, when applied on top of the blush can calm the blush down if you apply too much. The bronzer isn’t very pigmented which is what you want with a bronzer. There is nothing worse than looking too orange thanks to a bronzer. 

I find that all the powders are very finely milled and almost feel cream like, the same as the eyeshadow which really confuses me! I don’t understand how a powder can feel like cream its just a weird sensation. 


So the overall price for this palette alone is amazing. I think its more affordable to buy a palette rather than an individual high-quality blush, highlighter and bronzer. This palette is $22.50 which is amazing! You can get it here. You can also have a look at the whole opulence collection here. 

I really love this palette. I use the Blush and the Highlighter every day because it is just so convenient to have the two together. I also find that the pans are quite large and seem to be quite deep (I will let you know) which is really good since its value for money!

I highly recommend you guys try this! Let me know in the comments if you have tried any Zoeva products before! 

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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Perfect Stylist Eyes

Japanese beauty is something very different to use westerns. However after playing around I think I have found that I’ve become to understand the appeal behind Japanese makeup. Its…


Hey guys. I want you to get excited I have something big planned for the coming weeks but for now, your just going to have to wait. Today, however, we are going to be doing another canmake review yay!

Perfect Stylist Eyes
The Perfect Stylist Eyes palette suggest that it gives you two looks in one palette. Really the possibilities are endless but the instructions on the back only show how to do two different looks. The description suggests that it’s a moist powder formula that goes onto your eyelids smoothly and clings on to your skin for a long-lasting wear. Interesting.

This plattee comes in 10 different types!

So keeping in mind that the product description suggests that it’s a moist powder I am here to inform you that it is not moist.  Let’s stop saying moist now, shall we? It is a dry powder that is finely milled that contains big chunks of glitter and shimmer. Now as with all shimmers and glitters the best way to apply them is with your fingers to get more coverage. I found with a brush it was quite difficult to get much colour but with your fingers, it worked well. They blended in easily to each other using a brush and your fingers which look being real with you I prefer using my fingers for eyeshadow. 

What is unique about canmake is the fact that they have instructions about how to apply the eyeshadow on the back. Have a look!

As you can see there is a lot going on here. But I like the idea of having a guide on how to apply it. 

So depending on the palette you get the shades are quite different. The palette I have is number 12 dreaming flowers which is decribed from the canmake website as ”Sweet, subtle pastel shades. For a sexy gaze with a hint of mystery♥” Thats right with a heart at the end. 

So all of these shades are shimmery. There are no matte shades which can be sometimes hard to work with. These shades are not very pigmented but they do add a nice subtle hint of colour and a whole lot of shine. 

The packaging of this is similar to the last canmake palette I reviewed (which you can click here to veiw). Small and plastic with a whole lot of colours. I find it very girly and I guess kawai since it is Japanese afterall. When I think of Japanese products this is the classic type of packaging I would think of. I think its super cute and I like how it’s small enough to carry around. You know me. I like to be able to bring makeup with me. 

This palette is $15.00 AUD from W Cosmetics.

So I tried to follow the instructions. Keep in mind I suck at eyeshadow……

Yeah so it didn’t go to well for me but I think its more they way I applied it rather then the instructions. 

Id love to hear if you guys have tried this! Let me know in the comments.

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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The Eyeshadow Pallete That Everyone Loves

Why is this eye shadow Palette loved by so many? Well..

The Zoeva opulence palette has been popping up all over my socials lately and I just can’t seem to escape it. On top of that, I haven’t seen a bad review on it either which sparked my interest more. As my long-time followers would know, my eyeshadow skills need some work so I have never really lashed out on decent palettes. 

*This product was given to me via PR* When I got this I do have to admit I was pretty excited since I do want to get better at my eyeshadow skills.


The Opulence Eyeshadow Palette
This beautiful palette combines both Matte and Metallic shades resulting in an elegant yet trendy colour selection.  The rich hues and dramatic shades these shadows bring this palette to life reminding me of spring. The Zoeva Opulence palette has ten highly pigmented eyeshadow shades perfect for both natural and extravagant looks. From beautiful rosy copper hues to delicate ivory dahlias to the most vibrant of royal blue, the shade range on this palette is perfect for any occasion. 

What makes this eyeshadow even better is that it is full of vitamin E and is free of nasty parabens, mineral oils, perfume and phthalates making it delicate enough not to affect the skin around the eyes which is super important to me.

The packaging of this eyeshadow palette is breathtaking. The Black background with the beautiful flowers and the hint of gold running through the packaging gives this eyeshadow a luxurious feel. It also reminds me of spring as do all the colours in the palette. It has a beautiful sleeve that holds the palette closed which has the exact same design on it which I really like. Whilst there is no mirror in this palette which is kind of disappointing, the quote on the lid- sometimes more is simply more, is a nice touch. Reading it made me smile. 

The packaging and presentation of this palette is truly a work of art in itself. 



These eyeshadows have a lovely powdery soft texture. They are finely milled not only making the powder super soft but making it very easy to apply.

The colours in this palette are stunning.  I like how they go from light to dark with a nice range of whites, pinks, reds, blues, browns and purples. I really like how they all work well with each other and I think would match most skin tones. I am in love with Koh-I-Noor and Get your glory. Whilst they are both very bold colours I think that they are absolutely stunning.  

I recommend preparing your eyelids first with an eyeshadow primer or a concealer. I prefer concealer since I have dark eyes. Let it set and then apply the eyeshadow, blending softly. I find that all of the colours are highly pigmented and blend out super easily. 

There is little to no fallout and I found when blending it really does not take much effort. All of the colours blend in perfectly with each other making this a great palette for beginners and veterans to eyeshadow. 

Coming in at $40.00 AUD that is a pretty good deal for such amazing quality. You can get it here.

These eyeshadows are amazing. I love how they have a good range of colours as well as a nice spread of matte and shimmers. There isn’t any colour in this palette that I won’t use making this palette perfect. I have never really had a palette where all the colours are something I would use constantly. They blend so easily and I found it super easy to combine all different colours to make a look. I have done a few looks which I will post a tutorial on in the future.  


I can see why this palette is all the rage. It is so easy to use and the colours are stunning. I highly recommend this to everyone!! I think that all the colours would look good on most skin types! 

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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The Return of Lipgloss

At the end of last year, many beauty gurus predicted the return of lipgloss, something that I was dreading. I use to HATE lipgloss. My hair would always get stuck to my lips, but to be fair I was 10 and using super cheap lipgloss. Revlon was kind enough to send me some goodies, one of them being the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in the Shade Sugar Violet. 


More About Super Lustrous Lipgloss
Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipgloss is a beautiful non-stick silky gloss that is super moisturising to the lip. It has a beautiful shine and has a lovely hint of colour. There are 10 beautiful shades!

The packaging is beautiful. It has the classic Revlon black and gold but then the tube is clear so you can see the beautiful colour! 


The texture of this lipgloss is super silky and soft. It doesn’t feel wet or sticky, more like a thin lip balm.

As with your classic lipgloss, it comes with the little wand in the lid. The gloss glides on perfectly and isn’t too pigmented. It can be worn over lipstick or on its own. When applying over lipstick it does not move the lipstick which mm I can’t stand if my lippy moves. It is super nice on its own as its slightly pigmented and super shiny making your lips look luxurious. 


Coming in at $22.95 it’s not a bad buy. You can get it here.

I really love this lipgloss. Not only is it super easy to wear and isn’t sticky one bit, it can be used on its own or on top of a lipstick. I really like the glitter it has in it which just makes your lips look stunning. I also like how it makes my lips look bigger and fuller than they really are. Overall I give this a 4/5. It is safe to say that I am super happy that lipgloss is back all thanks to this one lipgloss that has changed the game for me.

Are you excited that lipgloss is back?

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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Let’s talk about Acrylic Nails!!

Happy Sunday guys! If only it could always be Sunday. 

For the last few months, my latest obsession has been Acrylic Nails. It all started the week before my 21st birthday. My younger sister has had acrylics for ages and they just look so nice but they kind of scared me. I have super ugly nails, their square and manly in my opinion so I thought why not let’s go all out. From there I was hooked.

But what are Acrylic Nails?
Acrylic nails are fake nails. They are a powder acrylic that is set using UV/LED light. If you want longer nails then its no problem they glue on a tip and then add the Acrylic ontop which is what I did when I first got them.

Are they bad for you?
Well, it really depends. If you are smart about it then it’s fine. First of all, you would want to go to a salon that uses LED lights rather than UV lights.
Secondly, you’d want to go to a clean salon. If it looks dodgy don’t bother.
Finally whilst they do weaken your nails there is a reason for that. Your nails are 1) being sanded down at first to create an even surface and 2) not being exposed to air/nutrients since their covered so of course, they are going to weaken. But its okay because the new nail that grows, given it is not covered by acrylic will be normal so if you are wanting to get rid of your acrylics, let your nails grow out a bit and then get them removed and cut short.

Do acrylics hurt?
When you first get them yes they do for about a day. If you have never had them then it kind of makes sense. It is your nail bed getting used to having weight constantly on them. Don’t worry it goes away.

Is it hard to do things with them?
Yes and no. It is IMPOSSIBLE to pick up things like cards and coins if you drop them on the floor and you can’t really pop pimples or pick your face (which is why I kept them). Normal things like writing, texting, typing, cooking etc. is no problem. It is just a case of getting used to them.

How do you look after them?
I apply moisturiser and nail oil to my hands every night to help keep the nail bed hydrated. I clean underneath as much as possible since they are longer right now, they can get pretty gross underneath if you don’t. I also get then refilled once a month. Other than that I don’t really do anything to look after them. I have broken them (the same one twice in one week) because I got it caught in a door at my job (yes both times). 

Do they chip?
I have rarely had a nail chip. I always get shellac on top since it is fairly long lasting. I find having a matte top coat will cause them to chip a little towards the end of the month but the only real issue you get with how they look is when they are growing out.

Let’s take a trip down my nail memory lane.

The first nails I got done in January.
These were the next ones I got done in Febuary. These were colour changing they went from orange to purple.
In March I was feeling a plane dark nail with shimmer. The lady cut all the length off my nails. I was devastated.
In April I went like something shiny so I got a holo powder with a cute red!
These are my current nails. Matte black with a rose gold shimmer nail. I like this picture because the rose quarts matches my rose gold nail.

Do you have acrylic nails?

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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Too Faced Love Light Highlighter

Too Faced is my guilty little pleasure. Their packaging is so cute and their products are just AMAZING. It’s my go-to brand right now! The Too Faced love light may look cute but girl let me tell you. IT PACKS A PUNCH.


What is the lovelight?
The love light is radiant highlighter that is vegan and cruelty-free. This beautiful highlight not only looks cute but gives your skin a luminosity boost with a super pearly consistency that will instantly brighten your complexion. It comes in 3 beautiful shades, all of which will suit most skin tones. All three of the lovelights have a super beautiful pearly metallic shine which is what makes them really pop on your skin!

I have the shade Blinded by the light which is a white/silver shade but they also have a pink shade called Ray of light and a gold shade called You light up my life. Since I already have a gold and a pink highlighter I thought I’d try a white.

OH, MY GOD, IT IS SO CUTE. It’s that cute that I want to display it EVERYWHERE. The compact is plastic with a mirror finish to the outside and on the inside, it comes with a mirror! I’m so happy that it comes with a mirror since you can bring it with you in place of your compact mirror or you can use it as a compact mirror when the product is done.


The texture of this is kinda strange but I like it. Its a powder yet it almost feels like a cream. I think because the powder is so finely milled it allows for the soft creamy texture.

Since the powder is so fine the application is beautiful. I find with some highlighters they can enlarge your pores but with this, the shimmer is so fine that it seamlessly melts into your skin giving you that beautiful glowing complexion. 


Coming in at $44.00 it isn’t cheap but so damn worth it. You can get it here.

The results of this highlighter are breathtaking. It gives your skin that beautiful glow that matte foundation sometimes hides. It even looks great on bare skin with no makeup on. Somedays if I am lazy I will only put on this highlighter and I get so many comments about how radiant my skin is looking!



I love this highlighter so damn much. It is one of the best highlighters I have used. Is it better than my beloved Hourglass  Vanish Highlighter though? That’s a tough one. I think that the Too Faced Love Light wins my top highlighter due to it being way cheaper than the Hourglass Vanish Highlighter!

What’s your favourite Highlighter?

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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