Karen Murrell Coral Dawn Lipstick

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for lipstick so when I got this in my bellabox I was stoked! This isn't a brand I've heard about before. Apparently, their an all-natural New Zealand brand who have just made their way into Australia! This lipstick range is just called Karen Murrell. There is 7 shades and a... Continue Reading →


Benefit Big Sexy Lip Kit

We all love Benefit make up. Their makeup is cute as hell and their primer is TO DIE FOR. They are honestly one of my favourite brands! I am a sucker for a good lipstick, I honestly think I have over 100 Lipsticks so when I found out that Benefit released a line called There... Continue Reading →

BBIA Red Series 2 Matte Lipstick. Scam or not?

Scrolling through Tumblr I came across this Korean brand of lipstick called BBIA. I'm loving Matte lately and was in the market for a new matte lipstick so I thought why not. After doing some Googling I couldn't find a BBIA website which made me all the more suspicious about this brand. Is it a scam?... Continue Reading →

Revlon’s ColourBurst Matte Balm. Yay or nay?

I'm all about matte lips lately but it's hard to find a matte lipstick that is long lasting and not drying! I heard about Revlon's ColourBurst from my cousin so I went out and gave it a go. Available in 8 Shades of pink I was a little let down since all I had to choose... Continue Reading →

Shanghai Suzy- Is this the new ultimate matte lipstick?

Shanghai Suzy is a Melbourne based lipstick brand well known for their matte lipsticks! Living in Melbourne I hear about Shanghai Suzy all the time and being a sucker for matte lipstick I decided to give it a shot. Shangai Suzy lipstick is a whipped Matte consistency and said to be is super pigmented yet... Continue Reading →

Winky Lux Flower Balm

So the Winky Lux Flower Balm has been around for a while but I always thought it was a bit of a joke. I mean who would want a lip balm that has a flower in it. Once you hit the flower you can’t even use it anymore! My grandma recently got this lip balm... Continue Reading →

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