How the hell do you actucally save money

Recently I  was asked how do I manage to afford the lifestyle I have whilst only working part-time. Being 21 (Today actually, yay happy birthday to me)  I hear a lot of the older generation saying "she just blows her money and has no real savings". That's where they're wrong. I've only worked for two years... Continue Reading →


Let’s get personal! Blogging goals for 2018

Whilst I haven’t had this blog for a long time I have learnt so much already! One of the most important things I’ve learnt is to let your readers know who you are and I haven’t really ever done that! So today we’re going to get personal! Hi, call me Pretty Peach! Obviously that’s not... Continue Reading →

Makeup & Travel- What should I pack?

Recently I just came back from a two-week interstate working trip which inspired me to write this post. When travelling anywhere, whether it be for work or for pleasure i've always been faced with the problem of what to bring and what not to bring. For me doing my everyday look involves a lot of time,... Continue Reading →

Get Organised! The Uni Edition!

Starting University can be pretty scary regardless if you come straight from high school or have had a long break from study! Everything can seem new and daunting at university. A new campus, new people, new classes, new found freedom. It can be quite overwhelming. The most important thing is to stay organised and remember... Continue Reading →

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