The secret to AMAZING Curls

I got a perm. I know what your thinking, aren’t perm for old ladies and people wanting to relive the 80s? Nope, you’re wrong. Perms have evolved with the times, that is they can be done with big or small rollers, loose or tight. For me, I got a loose spiral curl to give my flat boring lifeless hair more volume and let me tell you it did the trick. What I didn’t realise, however, is how different caring for curly hair is. 

Washing, Brushing and styling are a lot harder, especially if you are not used to working with curly hair. What you use is critical to whether your curls look moistured and bouncy or dry and fuzzy! That was a big shock to make and for a while, made me regret my decision. My curls were a fuzzy mess and I just wanted to cry. Never fear I found the answer. The one thing that really saved my life and made me love my hair was the John Frieda Dream Curls Frizz Ease shampoo!

What makes it so good?
This shampoo adds much-needed moisture to curls whilst combatting frizzy hair. It’s infused with Abyssinian Oil which is an ultralight non-greasy oil amazing for adding moisture to hair and skin! This shampoo will combat any type of frizz from mild fuzz to a crazy afro! It is also safe for coloured hair!

I love all of John Frieda’s packaging. I like how this comes in a squeezy bottle with the opening at the bottom to make for easy application and to stop the shampoo from being stuck at the top.

So I like to apply this to the top of my head and wash only half the way down my hair. I don’t like to add it to the ends of my hair since when you rinse it off it will go to the ends anyways. I find that this works the best for my hair since my hair can be quite dry. I like to lather for about a minute or two and then rinse with lukewarm to cold water. After it is rinsed I apply either the Frizz-ease conditioner or the cool dip beach blonde conditioner again by John Frieda. I find that washing my hair this way leaves my curls looking amazing!

Coming in at $16 AUD it’s worth every cent for perfect hair. You can get it here.

Without this shampoo, I can honestly say I would have regretted getting a perm. Would I get a perm again? Not sure yet. Does this shampoo help with curls. HELL YES. If you have a perm, frizzy hair or natural curls you need this in your life. 

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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Silk Oil Of Morocco Hair Care


I am obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with Silk oil of Morocco. Their shampoos and Conditioners, their sprays and oils and cream. Anything Silk oil of Morocco, give it to me. Now I am going to talk about my three favourite products that I use every day from Silk oil of Morocco. Their volumizer, their Curl Cream and their argan oil treatment.


Who are they and what do the products do?
Silk Oil of Morocco is an Australian company who uses Argon oil in ALL of their products. That’s right. The volumizer, that well volumizes has argon oil, The curl cream that makes your dry lifeless curls instantly look bouncy again has argon oil and the argan oil treatment…you guessed it has argan oil. The treatment is a serum that is applied to your hair skin and nails to add moisture.

All Silk Oil of Morocco items are packaged in a brown plastic bottle. Depending on the collection is to what colour of the tree on the bottle is. For example, the volumizing collection which also has shampoo, conditioner and a hair treatment is red whilst the green labels are for their curl collection. 

All of their products have a unique and distinctive smell. It’s subtle and sweet. Almost fruity. You can identify a Silk oil of Morocco product by its amazing smell.

How do they perform?
So for the volumizer, you spray it in, shake your hair out and BOOM. You now have lusciously bouncy hair.

The Curl Cream is a dream come true. I have a perm (which there is a post to come about that) so my hair is quite dry and sometimes my curls are limp and depressing. Pop this bad boy on and my hair looks like it’s been freshly curled. It’s amazing.
Now the Argan Oil treatment, man oh man. If you have dry hair, skin or nail beds this is what you need. It works almost instantly! I like to use it on my ends and my face. I put it in before I go to bed and BOOM I wake up with amazingly shiny, healthy looking and soft hair.

I am not gonna lie, there a little pricey. Depending on what you get it can cost you between $30-100 for a product. I do have to say you get what you pay for! 

Final Thoughts
Girl this post was more me getting excited about how much I love this brand rather than a review. I have done a review on some of their products before. If you want a more detailed description to feel free to leave a comment down below.

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
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Dry, Lifeless Hair? I got you covered!

To me, there is nothing worse than dry lifeless hair. I find that my hair gets super dry and dull after I’ve travelled since I can’t bring all my hair care goodies with me. Recently I just came back from a big boat cruise and whilst the sea air did well for my skin my hair was hating it!

After I travel anywhere or dye my hair for that matter I have a little routine that I like to follow to get my hair back to its usual shine and bounce. Whilst it does take a few days I definitely see and feel the difference in my hair. I hope these tips help you guys too!


Wash your hair differently!

For me after a long trip or a fresh do my ends get very very dry and my roots are super oily since their trying to compensate. It gets that bad for me that if I don’t wash my roots every day it looks like my hair is yet, but if I wash my hair every day my ends just frizz up and look dead. The solution? Shampoo your roots only!!!! It may sound weird but really you don’t need to shampoo all of your hair all the time. Since I have to wash my hair every second day as it is I try to only wash all of my hair every 4th day and wash the roots in between. When I come back from a trip it’s a little different. I like to only wash my roots for about a week. I also use conditioner on my ends every wash. I also recommend using a high-quality shampoo and conditioner made for moisture. I use the  Silk Oil of Morocco intense shampoo and conditioner set which you can get here:

Do a deep conditioning!

For me personally, I hate hair masks I find they make my hair look really oily. What I like to do instead is use a really high-quality conditioner, Put it in my hair DRY then chuck on a shower cap and let it sit for about an hour or so. Again I like to use the Silk Oil of Morocco intense conditioner since I feel it works really well. It’s my “reserved for a special occasion” set since it works so well.

Don’t use hot water, hair dryers, curlers or straighteners!

I know I know it sounds like a challenge but trusts me your hair will thank you. Going just week without applying any form of heat will leave it to rejuvenate and recover. You’ll notice the difference in just a few days. Your hair also becomes really smooth and shiny!

Leave in conditioner is your best friend!

This is my life savour. I like to apply it twice. Once when my hair is wet and once again when my hair is dry just for that added moisture. The one I use- Silk oil of Morocco (no this is not sponsored I just love the brand) is a real heavy duty spray and instantly it makes my hair feel lush and soft. You can get it here:

Hair oil, Lots of hair oil!

Yes, most people use hair oil when styling but I find that it really helps add moisture to your ends. DONT add it to your hair on the days that you don’t wash it though. I find it works best after you’ve washed it and applied to damp hair otherwise your ends will look super oily. I use the Chi silk infusion hair oil. You can get it here:

Dry Shampoo…

That’s right dry shampoo! When your hair is dull, dry and flat you’re gonna need a quick pick me up. I find a lot of volume sprays or creams very drying and when your hair is already dry it’s not the best idea. When my hair is dry and dull and I need some volume I like to spray some dry shampoo on my ends and fluff it up. It adds a whole heap of volume with little drying effect. Now not all dry shampoos will do this but the brand I use, Bastie  (which I did a review on here: ) works wonders for this.

The last, and most important tip… Don’t brush your hair wet.

Whilst you shouldn’t be doing this anyways since its quite damaging, who has time to wait. I find that your hair recovers faster if you let it dry naturally and don’t brush it when wet but admittedly it is difficult to do since it takes so dam long. If you really can’t wait just give it a good GENITAL towel dry and brush with a wide tooth comb but ideally you’d want to let it dry naturally before brushing.

That’s all from me. I hope these tips help.
Until Next time my lovely xxx

Get it here

Silk Oil of Morocco intense shampoo and conditioner:
Silk Oil of Morocco Leave in conditioner:
Chi silk infusion hair oilL

John Freida Beach Blonde Cool Dip Purafying Shampoo

I’m a sucker for a quality shampoo but I Hate spending big! My all-time favourite shampoo costs waaaaay too much to buy all the time so at the moment I’ve resorted to a cheap $2 brand that has amazing results. (See my post on it here

When I received the Beach Blonde cool dip purifying shampoo in the November bellabox I was excited but a little sad since I have medium brown hair and this shampoo. as I thought by the name, was designed for blondes only. I was wrong. This shampoo is also designed for browns like so I was happy.

So with my hair, I get very oily roots but my ends are pretty good. I find that some shampoos make my hair to oily whilst others leave my hair looking dull and flat. This shampoo promises to get your hair ‘beach ready effortlessly’ whatever that means. I know for me personally, whenever I go to the beach my hair feels like straw from the salt water so maybe they mean intense hydration? Who knows!


The formula was a very thin gel-like consistency that’s bright green in colour. It had a strong minty smell and made my scalp feel very fresh. Even after I got out of the shower my head felt minty fresh as if I washed it with toothpaste which I actually really enjoyed.

I accidentally got it in my eyes and it actually didn’t even hurt at all. It just made my eyes feel miny af which I oddly enjoyed.

Once my hair dried it was very soft and hydrated but wasn’t oily at all. It was also very volumised which made me feel very happy since my hair didn’t look like a mop on my head it actually looked like well hair.

It also lathered up really well too and got super thick. I never feel like my hair is properly washed unless the shampoo is nice and thick and soapy. I dunno are other people like that?

Overall I thought it was a good product! Coming in at $15AUD it’s not expensive but it isn’t as cheap as my $2 shampoo.

Final Thoughts
Price- 7/10
Rating- 8/10
Would I buy it again?
In all honesty, I probably wouldn’t buy it again.  I can get the same results from my usual $2 Shampoo. I do however love the smell and the minty feel of this shampoo, something my usual shampoo doesn’t give me since its fragrance-free!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx.

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Batiste, Australias No. 1 Dry Shampoo…Why is it No.1?

Dry Shampoo. This amazing innovation claims to clean your hair without the use of water. When I first heard about dry shampoo I was very sceptical. As someone with oily as hell hair who needs to wash her hair almost every day, I was like there is no way that this stuff will work.

Admittedly I never really bothered to try dry shampoo until the start of this year. I thought I’d pick up Bastie as it claims to be Australia’s number 1 dry shampoo brand. Great, I thought. This will probably work if it’s Australias number 1 brand right?

I followed the instructions, Held it 30cm away from my roots, sprayed let it sit, rubbed it around then brushed it out. Did it help? A little but not enough to make me go without washing my hair for a day sadly. You could tell that my hair was still super oily which was a big disappointment.


It did, however, give my hair great texture and volume. I have very thin boring hair. I find that whilst it isn’t great for my oily ass hair it does, however, make me look like I have thick luscious hair!

I found out that they have a texture spray and a volume spray which I definitely will be trying in the future. At the moment I use the dry shampoo’s to add volume to my ponytail when I go to work, which I know is not its intended use but why the hell not!

They all smell pretty amazing. At the moment I am using Eden which is a honeysuckle smell. It smells so fresh and I find the fragrance stays in my hair almost all day which I kind of like. It’s almost like a perfume for your hair in a way.

Coming in at $8AUD they are super affordable too which is what I like.

Final Thoughts
Rating- 7/10
Would I buy again? Whilst it doesn’t do what it’s meant to do for me I do find that I love the texture and volume it gives me so I will definitely be buying it again!

Until next time my lovely xxx

Buy it here:

The Silk Oil of Morocco Pure Argan oil for Lush Hair and Soft Skin

Ever wondered how to get beautifully silky hair or amazingly soft skin? Wonder no more because I have found the secret to both and it comes in two handy little bottles!

The Silk Oil of Morocco Pure Argan oil and the Silk Serum are truly a godsend! Made from an Australian company and not a Moroccan company its super easy for me to get my hands on!

The Silk Serum comes in a 125ml Bottle whilst the Pure Argan oil comes in a little 100ml bottle and let me tell you they don’t come cheap.  This duo costs a whopping $124 AUD. Ouch.


But for what you pay it is pretty amazing. The Silk Serum I use every day. Its perfect for both your hair and skin. As someone who has heavily dyed hair, my hair is admittedly quite dry. After a shower whilst my hair is still wet I rub a little bit of this stuff on and BAM instant hydration. When my hair drys it’s super soft and shiny! Oh, and it smells AMAZING.

The silk serum also works wonders on your face. massage it onto the dry areas of your face and I guarantee you that your face will feel softer than a baby’s butt!

The Pure Argan Oil, or as I like to call it liquid gold is the best thing I’ve ever used. Whenever my skin is looking dull, or I have a break out I pop a little bit of this stuff on and overnight my skin is looking flawless. This stuff smells a little funky but boy oh boy does it work wonders.

Overall Thoughts
Rating- 10/10
Would I buy again?- Yes for sure. Whilst it is quite costly you definitely get what you pay for. I have used this duo every day for the last 6 months and still have a little less than half of the stuff left. A little does go a long way.

Until next time my lovely xxx


Buy it here:

Kerastase Paris Elixir Ultimate Bi-Phase Spray

Hey, guys here’s another October BellaBox item review and it’s probably my favourite item from the October box!

The Kerastase Paris Elixir Ultimate Bi-Phase Spray! This Bi phase spray is said to be Formulated with beautiful precious oils. This Bi-Phase spray claims to gives life to wet or dry hair creating pure shine and volume to dull looking hair.

My hair is what I like to call Spaghetti hair! Thin, Boring, Dull, Lifeless. It needs all the help it can get that’s why I was excited to try this product.

It’s very thin and sprays on super well not leaving your hair all wet and gross. It dries almost instantly to which is a bonus! I tried it on both wet and dry hair on a number of occasions and it worked well.

The first time I tried it on wet hair. I used it in combination with my Silk of Morocco conditioning spray and volume spray (kind of a habit for me since I use these two products almost every day). I found that it really helped to control frizziness and all my little flyaways and dried with heaps of moisture and volume and a fair bit of shine. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure if it was cause I used all these products all together so I tried it again this time on its own.

Again with wet hair, I sprayed it on and the results were great! Whilst I didn’t get as much volume but the shine was incredible!!!

I also tried it on dry hair and I found that it really helped control my little flyaways and provided my hair with a fair bit of moisture which was a surprise!

This item retails at $60AUD.

Overall Thoughts
Price- 3/10
Rating- 8/10
Would I buy again?
Yeah, I probably would. Whilst it’s pretty pricey and the bottle isn’t that big it does everything it promises! It really helps my spaghetti hair look presentable!

Until next time my lovely xxx

Buy it here: Or