Innisfree Bamboo overnight mask


Hey, guys, it’s time for another review. Wow I know I’m on a roll! So a while ago I did a massive Innisfree hall. I’ve been playing around with what I got for a while. Instead of reviewing them as a whole I thought it would be better to review them on there own since they are all so different.

So today’s review is on the Innisfree bamboo overnight mask! This mask is enriched with bamboo and other naturally sourced ingredients.

This mask is meant to be a soothing yet mosit3erisng mask that helps nourish the skin overnight.

To apply the facemask is super easy just use your fingers. It comes in a little tub in gel form so it applies super easy and it is super refreshing. Just make sure you have washed your face and cleaned your hands. 

The texture of the gel is similar to aloe vera gel, very watery and goopy. On your face, you don’t really feel anything since it is so quickly absorbed.

This one had a really sweet smell, not like bamboo at all which was pretty odd. It was strong at first but it did calm down over time.

I love the little pots they are so easy to carry around and they are mess free. The best part about them is that they are recyclable! I also like how you can reseal them to keep the mask fresh!

When I woke up my I admittedly almost forgot to wash it off since it felt like there was nothing there. At first, before washing my skin felt dry and crusty but I guess that would have been the mask. After washing my face my skin felt so soft. It didn’t look any different but it felt different. I did find that my makeup seemed to sit better on my skin since it was so moisturised. Its a win for me.

Coming in at $3 it is so damn worth it! They may look small but they last for 4-5 applications. You can get it here.

That’s all from me.
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Salt Rooms- What are they?


Hey guys, sorry for the late post. I’ve had some issues. my leg to be exact it’s a little………..broken. But hey that means I have heaps of time to write reviews now!

So today I will be talking about one of my favourite things in the world- SALT ROOMS.

What is a salt room you ask? Well, its a room filled with salt. But not just any salt its special medical grade dry salt, usually from caves which have a range of health benefits. Its ideal for breathing issues or when you have a cold since it breaks up all the gunk in your chest/nose/lungs. Not only that but it is great for your skin! If you have acne you’d know that swimming in the ocean helps to remove acne. Why? It’s THE SALT.

So being winter/spring here it is prime time for colds and flu. Salt therapy is a life savour for this as it doesn’t completely get rid of it but it helps clear your nose and its damn relaxing. I love to go there after work to unwind.

What it is, is a big room with salt lamps and salt and there is a machine that blows salt through the air. You breathe it in deep to get the most benefits. The place that I go dulls the lights so you get the soothing glow of the salt lamps and they also play calming music. The best part of it all is the massage chairs. It makes the whole experience super relaxing. 

Salt rooms are becoming more and more popular throughout the world but they originated in Europe. They are often called Halotherapy which is derived from the Greek Word salt. Why are so many words derived from Greece? 

Anywho salt therapy can be a little costly. Where I go its $45 for a one-hour session, however, you can buy a membership which is a little cheaper- which is what I have done and I get unlimited sessions. If you are someone with breathing problems or prone to colds then salt therapy is so damn worth it!

That’s all from me.
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Kracie Hanabisei Adult Acne Care Facemask


Hey, guys guess what an actual review! I know weird right. Today I’ll be talking about the Kracie Hanabisei Adult Acne Care Facemask.

The Kracie Hanabisei Adult Acne Care Facemask is made for adult acne care and aims to help prevents recurring adult acne breakouts and acne scars. This mask is formulated with Vitamin C for brightening, Glycyrrhizin for anti-inflammatory properties, green tea extract and collagen for moisturising and lemon to help speed up skin cell turnover. Wow, so much good stuff!

I found this sheet mask super easy to apply. The sheet itself was thicker than normal sheet masks which I really like. I personally have a lot of trouble with sheet masks I always rip them when I unfold them but with this being thicker it was way easier. It’s also really big so it reaches every part of your face. This one reached right under my chin and parts of my neck which I found super cool! So you can leave it on for 5-15 minutes or 20 if you have really dry skin. I decided to do the full 20 because I always choose the longest recommended time for sheet masks.

It had a lovely fruity smell. I found the smell whilst strong was very relaxing. Almost like aromatherapy

This mask suggests that it will help with acne and brighten your skin. So when I took it off my skin had not changed at all which I was kind of sad. Since my skin can be quite red some sheet masks work straight away, however, the next day I woke up and my skin looked great. It felt hydrated. Any little acne spots I had were not as red as before and my skin was glowing.

Coming in at $16.00 You can get it here.

I really liked this facemask. The smell almost doubled as an aromatherapy for me and the results were great! I loved waking up to the results the next day and what got me the most was how the fabric of the sheet mask was thicker than normal. I think this is a real winner guys! 

That’s all from me
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How To Grow Your Nails!

The secret to long nails



This week seems to be all about growing things. Growing your hair, growing your nails! One thing that I have been obsessed with lately is my nails. I personally always get SNS on my nails since it not only makes my nails stronger and look good, it has made them grow really fast but it made me wonder, how else can you grow strong thick nails. My nails without SNS are pretty weak so I thought Id give it a go. 

Simply Nailogical does a great video on how to grow your nails so I recommend you check that out. It’s what I somewhat followed to grow my own. 

Cristine recommended using jojoba oil which is really good for your nails, however I couldn’t find any and the ones that I ordered off eBay looked kind of funky so what I did was use Bio Oil. That’s right the stuff for your stretch marks. I found that keeping the nail and the nail bed moisturised with Bio Oil really helped improve the strength and length of my nail. I also really like the smell of Bio Oil which is a bonus.

Another tip that Cristine recommended is using hand moisturiser then putting gloves over your hands why you sleep. I tried it and it was super weird so I just used my super fast absorbing moisturiser before bed. It did the trick.  

I think that the trick is to just keep your hands and nails moisturised. I did hear that if you get your hands wet it can weaken your nail so try to wear gloves whenever you know your hands will get wet like when you do the dishes.

I have done this for about 1 week and I have not noticed nay significant change yet. I will have to post a follow up about this method later on.

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx  

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Float Pods! What even are they?


This is a review still! I swear. Okay so over the next few weeks I am pretty busy with work and uni so you’re just going to have to deal with these type of posts for a while. I get home too late to take photos so no product reviews for a while. Sorry! But the show must go on so let’s talk about one of my favourite pass times….floating!

What is floating?
These little pods have been popping up everywhere over the last few years but everyone I talk to them about seems to be really confused and intrigued about them. So a flotation pod/tank/isolation tank, whatever you want to call it is a tank filled with a heap of Epson salt and water. The place that I go to has tanks that have 200 gallons of Epson salt dissolved into the water which confuses me but sure. They come in many different shapes and are all quite big yet shallow.

The aim of the float pod is to well float and relax. The salt water is heated to body temperature so it’s not hot or cold. Because there is so much salt the water pushes you up so you don’t need to worry about drowning or trying to float. 

Once you are in the pod it is completely black and completely silent making it the perfect place to relax! A normal session is about 1 hour and at that time it is normal to fall asleep. I often fall asleep during my sessions. 

Whats the point of floating?
So whats the point of floating? It has many benefits actually! First of all, it helps with stress, anxiety and helps you sleep. Being alone in a black room with no sound that feels like nothing is very very comforting. If you do a float at night like I do I find I always sleep like a baby since I am so relaxed.

Floating is also very good for pain relief since the water helps relax the muscles and the Epson salt contains magnesium which further aids in muscle repairing. The Epson salt can also help with headaches and migraines.

The best thing it does is for your skin. The water solution helps get rid of pimples and leaves your skin feeling very soft. BE CAREFUL THO THIS SHIT BURNS YOUR EYES AND CUTS LIKE HELLLLL. Every time I go into the pod I like to rub some water on my face and I always get it in my eyes and it is PURE PAIN. So like maybe not the best idea but if you have back acne then it would probably help.

Is it clean?
Yes, it is, each pod is designed to be filtered 3-5 times after use. You also shower before and after you enter the pod. But since there are such a high salt concentration and the heat is only at body temperature there is NO POSSIBLE WAY bacteria can survive so it’s pretty clean. 

Do I recommend it?
I sure do. I love to float. I wish I could float every week but it is pretty expensive but I find it so relaxing! It is definitely a strange yet relaxing experience that I recommend everyone gives a shot at least once in their life.

Have you tried this before? Let me know in the comments.

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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This Korean Face mask is….


Shopping in Melbourne I stumbled upon this shop called M Plaza which sells Korean cosmetics, cool I thought so I walked in and that is when I saw it. JELLYCHU.


Jellychu is a jelly modelling mask that you mix yourself. They have three types, soothing, hydration and toning. I wasn’t actually able to find this anywhere online, no reviews, no place to buy it which excited me. I had to have it. Now knowing nothing about it other then I am going to mix it up and put it on my face it was a fun experience. I think the brand is #BEAUSTA but again after a quick search, I couldn’t find anything about it. Interesting.

So I got the moisture bomb one which is the blue one since not only is everything written in Korean, I have no damn idea what this will be like so it seemed the safest option. 


In the packaging, you get this blue pill like thing which has the face mask powder and jelly. They are labelled 1 and 2 so you know which order to put them in. You also get a little spatula to mix it in the blue pill thing. This mask has two bags of each item meaning two applications but I think could maybe get four, but I will explain more about that in a second. 


BEWARE THIS PART IS MESSY. Now the fun part. The application. So you pour the content of sachet 1 into the blue pill which is the jelly stuff and then you pour the sachet labelled 2 with the blue powder into the jelly and mix really fast. The lady at the shop told me to work fast once opened and I  can see why. They powder activates the jelly and it sets.

I started off using the spatula but found that it was too small so I ended up using my hand. THERE WAS SO MUCH JELLY. My face was fully coated and I still had more than enough to make another damn mask but I just kept applying, and applying, and applying until I had none left. It felt really strange. The jelly was cold and kept moving but it’s quite sticky so it doesn’t move that much.


Once it is all on you just need to sit back for 30 minutes and relax. I recommend laying down because the sensation that the jelly is moving is way too freaky for my liking. 

The jelly had no smell but the blue powder had a minty smell, it was very subtle but very very relaxing.

So this cool little kit costs $20 which isn’t too bad at all. I haven’t actually found a jelly mask before so I was pretty happy with this price. I would link you where to get it but like I said I can’t find it anywhere.

Now for what you really want to know. Did it turn into a jelly peel off face mask? Yes, yes it did. After about 20 minutes it started to feel really weird on my face, that was because it had turned into a jelly face mask that y9ou can peel off, which let me tell you it was very satisfying. 


Afterwards, my face had a weird residue on it so I rinsed it off. I found that the next day my skin felt really soft but it did make me break out.

I would, however, like to try the other two to see how they go! It was really fun and refreshing. I actually did it with my best friend and it made a great sleep overactivity, it was pretty hilarious. 


Do you guys have any recommendations for jelly face masks? 

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx

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Innisfree Hall

The best damn hall you have ever seen….Innisfree is..


This post is going to be a little different. I plan on reviewing each thing separately so stay tuned for that.

Recently an Innisfree store opened in Melbourne. Now I am in love with Innisfree but shipping is hella expensive so I always tried to limit what I got from there web store. But let me tell you I lashed out. And I mean a $200 worth of lashing out at Innisfree.

Innisfree is a South Korean beauty and skincare brand that focuses on creating natural ingredients to not only make their makeup and skincare but to create there bottles and items which I think is super cool! They are actually the first Natural Korean Brand! 

So not only do they have awesome products which I will go into soon, there rewards program is pretty cool as well. I am a sucker for a rewards program! So they have 3 levels, a welcome membership, a green and a green VIP. In a welcome membership all you need to do is buy something and sign up and you will get a FREE facemask, face cream, eye cream and a face serum! To become a Green member you need to spend $150 within a year and you also get a birthday kit (which I will let you know what that is when it is my birthday). To become a green VIP you need to spend $300 within 1 year and you will get the birthday kit and a VIP kit which I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THAT IS. What makes it even more exciting is that for every 60/90/120 dollars you spend you get a free deluxe sample to try! 

They also have recycling incentives. For every 1 bottle, you return you get 50 points which I think is a really good idea since it promotes being green. Anywho enough of that. Onto the hall!


So as you can see I got quite a bit, I think overall for what I spend I did pretty well.

I got a lot of these little tubs of masks. These are the 4 different types of sleeping masks they have. They also have normal types. I really like these sleeping masks because for such a small pot you can get about 6-7 applications and their so affordable! Lately, I just don’t have time to do a facemask so I find these sleep masks a little miracle. (The ones with a green line are the pots that I have opened)


Next, I got these two face masks and one serum. So these are the deluxe samples for spending $60/90/120. So for $60 you get 1, for $90 you get 2 and for $120 you get there. I was super happy with these. You can also buy them if you want. There pretty affordable as well. I haven’t tried the face masks yet but I have used the serum and you can get about 3-4 decent applications from it!


Something I have always wanted to try is their foundation! So I did. I think its really cool because not only do they have a big range of colours, you can choose your coverage level and the finish. So anything ending in a 1 is light coverage, anything ending in a 3 is medium coverage and anything ending in a 5 is full coverage. Now the number at the front is the Finnish. 1 is matte, 2 is satan and 3 is dewy. I got full coverage satan in the shade N27. I like how I can have the option to change the finish by buying different types of foundation in the exact same shade! 


Now, something I have been in dire need of is new makeup brushes. My old ones were about 6 years old..oops. These brushes are not only recyclable but they are amazing! So they are a little pricey but if you buy them one by one it’s not to bad. They sadly don’t have a set which is why I only got 4. Another I love which you can see I have already used is there foundation stamp. That’s right A STAMP! It’s a makeup sponge but you stamp on the foundation. I find that this actually works better than my beauty blender and is waaaay cheaper! I am really excited to review this one! 


Another thing I have been meaning to buy is eye cream. I have one that I have been using for a while and it’s okay it does its job but I was wanting to branch out. That’s when I got the green tea eye and face ball. So you can use this as a whole face serum if you want but I prefer to use it just under my eyes. 


It’s no Korean hall without a face mask! I had to get one. I got their lime face mask which I am happy to report has already been used and smells AMAZING! 


The final thing I got was my membership rewards pack which comes with a green tea face mask, Green tea seed cream, green tea eye cream and green tea seed serum. 


I am so excited to review all of this stuff over the next few months!

That’s all from me. 
Until next time xxx
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