The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector. A True life Saver for hard-working hands!

Everyone gets dry hands from time to time. Whether it's from hard work or too much weight lifting its a common problem that no one likes! For me, when I was working in a bar I would always get cracked hands from the Yeast in the Beer. Now I work in a cafe and find... Continue Reading →


The Silk Oil of Morocco Pure Argan oil for Lush Hair and Soft Skin

Ever wondered how to get beautifully silky hair or amazingly soft skin? Wonder no more because I have found the secret to both and it comes in two handy little bottles! The Silk Oil of Morocco Pure Argan oil and the Silk Serum are truly a godsend! Made from an Australian company and not a Moroccan company... Continue Reading →

Nars Blush- Is it worth buying?

Nars Blush is the bomb right now. Super Pigmented, long lasting, beautiful glow, whats not to love about them! Even better they come in a massive  33 different shades!!! Yes, girl, that's right there's a shade out there for you! at $45 AUD they aren't too bad, but they are more expensive than your good... Continue Reading →

Kerastase Paris Elixir Ultimate Bi-Phase Spray

Hey, guys here's another October BellaBox item review and it's probably my favourite item from the October box! The Kerastase Paris Elixir Ultimate Bi-Phase Spray! This Bi phase spray is said to be Formulated with beautiful precious oils. This Bi-Phase spray claims to gives life to wet or dry hair creating pure shine and volume to... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

All you coffee lovers out there you know the best coffee comes from a Barista right? Wrong! You don't need a big fancy coffee machine or a Barista to get great tasting coffee! As a coffee fanatic and a Barista by profession ill teach you right ways to brew your coffee at home without the... Continue Reading →

Models Own Colour Chrome Eyeshadow Kit

If you're anything like me your not the best at eyeshadow. In the October bellabox I received the models. My first thoughts were "oh great....eyeshadow." But I toughed it out and gave it a shot. So in the kit, you get the eyeshadow, the mixing tray and primer. You basically mix it all together and your... Continue Reading →

Get Organised! The Uni Edition!

Starting University can be pretty scary regardless if you come straight from high school or have had a long break from study! Everything can seem new and daunting at university. A new campus, new people, new classes, new found freedom. It can be quite overwhelming. The most important thing is to stay organised and remember... Continue Reading →

What’s the best Lush Bath Bomb?

Who doesn't love a good bath bomb and where better to get one from the holy grail of bath bombs- Lush! That's right today I'm telling you about my top 3 Favourite Lush Bath bombs. I am Lush crazy and I have tried almost every bath bomb in their range. They are all amazing but these... Continue Reading →

My Daily Routine- The key to getting rid of adult acne.

Get ready guys this is going to be a long post but worth it for all you guys who have suffered from adult acne!! I’ve suffered from adult acne for 3 years now and found it quite embarrassing! Whilst every other 20 something around my age has the flawless skin I’m looking like I’m going... Continue Reading →

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