At Home Spa Level Facial

Who doesn’t love going to the spa! I know it’s one of my favourite things to so but sadly as a uni student who works part-time it’s not something I can really afford.

As someone with ultra-sensitive skin, my skin flairs up a lot. I can get crazy red acne from being in the city too much due to pollution in the air, I can get it from wearing sunscreen too much, I can get it before my monthly and I sure as hell can get it from the wrong products. Whilst after many years of trial and error I have found a routine that works for my skin and can get my skin back to clear within a matter of weeks. One of those steps involved facials.

My therapist told me that you can get a facial every week but you could still have bad skin. It’s what you do at home that’s going to benefit you the most. With that, and being broke I was inspired to make my own at home ‘spa-like facial’.

What I have noticed from every professional facial is that after the cleansing, the toning and the microdermabrasion, which is hard to do at home they do three prominent things; Exfoliation (Usually microdermabrasion), some form of clay to cleanse the pores and products to rehydrate the face.

So to begin you cleanse and tone the skin. Toning helps deep penetration of products.

I was lucky enough to be given an at home microdermabrasion machine to use at home from my aunt but I don’t really recommend it. It takes a skilled professional to use one so instead of using that to exfoliate I  like to use an exfoliation mask. There are two I use. One from LOreal Paris, their Pure clay exfoliation mask Or I use the Latherapy exfoliator which doubles as a whitening mask.

Between Each step I like to use steam to really open my pores plus it’s relaxing.

So to give my pores a good old clean there are two masks I like to use. Either the Loreal Paris charcoal detox mask or the body shop matcha face mask.

Heres where I change it up a bit. I usually do this routine before bed once every two weeks. After the clay mask, I steam again add my moisturiser and serums and then move to the final step. Hydration.

To hydrate, I like to use the Dr Jart+ Water Fuse face mask. This mask is a sleeping mask which creates almost a protective barrier and leaves you waking up with the softest skin you’ve ever had.

You really need to be careful not to overdo this routine and only leave the masks on for the required amount of time. Longer does not mean better and since there is so much going on your skin it can stress your skin out a bit if you’ve left the products on to long.

Start off doing this once a month to see how your skin reacts to it then slowly ease to once every twice a week if needed. Trust me it works a treat and saves money!

That’s all from me.
Until Next time my lovely xxx

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Huda Beauty FauxFilter Foundation!

I have heard so many good reviews about almost all of Huda beauty’s products from almost every mainstream beauty blogger in the earth! After waiting months and months and months for my colour to finally come back in stock…well when it did it sold out before I could get my hands on it. Damn chai.

What was left was two shades lighter or two shades darker which made me think hmm I can make this work. I’m so glad I got creme brûlée150g (two shades lighter) because it’s actually perfect for my skin tone. On the Huda beauty website, it suggested me chai because of the shade I wear in double wear. I found this shade to be yes a little on the lighter side but perfect. I think I need half a shade darker for it to be an exact colour match! The packaging. Wow. What can I say it is beautiful.

I love how today’s makeup is made to look pretty. I love how it comes with a pump for easy application. Oh, and the bottle is so damn light. I was surprised!! It’s massive too! What blew me away, even more, was the fact that one pump will FULLY cover my face flawlessly. Sorry, what?!

This foundation is that good it’s almost rude! I was in love but didn’t have full fate In it so I put it to the test. On a 40 degree day, I put one pump of product all over my face. concealer press powder and blush. I sweat like crazy and no matter what I use on a day as hot as 40 degrees you Have to reapply! I also went swimming with it on to see how durable it was and I can safely say I’m surprised. I was unfortunate enough to be close to my monthly, had been testing products for the blog that don’t suit my skin and just had a facial with some wicket extractions so my skin was a mess making it even better to test this foundation on! I expected it to all rub off after a long day of swimming and sweating but the foundation itself was still on!

The first image shows my red irritated skin. The centre image is with the only foundation on and the last image is with concealer, blush, highlighter and setting powder. As you can see the coverage itself is pretty good!

Yes, the press powder concealer and blush rubbed off but damn that foundation though! It does dry matte but it isn’t drying to the skin and it’s super thin yet highly pigmented. I also have the biggest pores known to man and no matter what I do or what I wear they show but this foundation. It’s something else. Whilst you could still see pores my face didn’t look like the moon. Come on how come this is so good!

As you can see, whilst some has come off most of it is still on. My scabs are present but none of the redness showing that the foundation itself is still on! And look no shine!

Coming in at $65 AUD yes it isn’t cheap BUT for what it does its worth every cent!

The Verdict
Price- 8/10
Rating- 9.5/10
Would I buy again?
Yes for sure! I don’t think ill be running out anytime soon since the bottle is so big and you don’t need much. This foundation is honestly the best foundation I have ever used! I only wish it was more available. I purchased this in November and at time of purchase most the shades were sold out. I have been keeping an eye out for it as well so I can stock up but it’s almost Feb and there still out of stock everywhere!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx

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Smashbox Drawn in, Decked out, Be Legendary Lipstick.

I am a sucker for lipsticks, I honestly think I have over 100! I go through them like crazy too! It is the one make up product that I cannot live without! So when my boyfriend got me this set for Christmas I was so happy!

2012-03-01 04.34.20

So in the set, you get 6 Mini Lipsticks; Famous (Pink Neutral), Audition (Rose Neutral), Primrose (Mauve Pink), Fig (Red Grape), Witchery (Deep Burgandy) and Legendary (True Red).

I love how in this set you get a range of colours going from nude to dramatic making it fun to experiment with! I personally love all the colours and use them all!

Here are the swatches and what they look like on the lips!

2012-03-01 04.38.13
Top to Bottom: Primrose, Legendary, Witchery,  Famous, Audition, Fig

Top Left to right= Audition, Famous, Primrose.
Bottom Left to right= Witchery, Legendary, Fig.

This set also comes with a mattifier but I found it didn’t really show up in the pictures. I put it on Fig in the last lip test but there was no difference in shine. In real life, you can really see the difference though and it works well but sadly the tube is so small!

2012-03-01 04.31.202012-03-01 04.34.11

I know I got this set as a gift but I had a quick google and it comes in at $25 AUD which in my opinion that’s pretty good value! I mean your getting 5 Mini lipsticks, but for mini lipsticks, they are pretty big.

The lipsticks are very creamy and moisturising. They were also very pigmented. They do however transfer and don’t last longer than 3 hours which is a little annoying but being mini lipsticks there easy to carry!

The Verdict
Price- 10/10
Rating- 8/10
Would I buy again?
 Yeah, I think I would. Its great value for money. The only downside I find they have is how much they transfer and how they aren’t very long lasting but other then that they are amazing!

That’s all from me.
Until Next time my lovely xxx

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Royal Essence Ring Bath bomb

My Facebook and Instagram feed has been going off these last few months about these ring bath bombs. These bath bombs claim to come with a ring valued at $30- $3000 AUD.  Wow, I thought. How could that even be affordable for the company! Is it all A scam to get customers?

Fear not. I am here to answer all your questions!

I got three bath bombs from royal essence. I got Lime and coconut, Golden egg and Strawberries and cream. First off I must say they are BIG. About the same size, if not bigger then a Lush bath bomb. They also had lovely scents but unlike Lush didn’t leave you with a runny nose and a headache from the scent which was good. I personally find Lush bath bombs to be quite strong when they aren’t in use.


The golden egg was very soft for a bath bomb. To the point, you could squish it between your hands and it would crumble. It was filled with Shea butter with the sole purpose of making your skin soft and man did it perform! It had a pleasant vanilla scent and the glitter did not leave a mess behind!

The ring I got in it was super cute too! I’m not normally a gold ring kind of gal but I find myself wearing it every day! I even wore it to work to test how good of quality is since my hands are always wet at work and guess what. No green finger! With each ring, you get a code to type into the website to see the value of the ring. This ring was valued at $70AUD and admittedly, I can agree. I am the type of person who can only wear high-quality jewellery otherwise it affects my skin!


The second Bath Bomb I tried was the Strawberries and cream and well…It was a disappointment. Whilst the smell was nice and the colour was beautiful, It stained my tub and me pink! I also got the exact same ring which made me wonder if every bath bomb has the exact same ring!

So at this point, I wasn’t sure if I liked this product or not. The first bath bomb was amazing, the ring was cute and it didn’t stain my tub or me! The second was a disappointment. What would the Lime and coconut be like!

This was the flavour I was the most looking forward to. I love anything lime and the combination of coconut I found intriguing. The smell was strange. At first, it was a minty smell, then a citrus smell than a coconut smell. I found the longer I sat in the bath, the stronger the coconut became. It even left my bathroom smelling amazing for days after! And best of yet, No stains!

The ring I got in this bath bomb to was AMAZING! It was a beautiful silver sapphire ring valued at $100 AUD! Score!!

2012-02-26 01.40.39

Each Bath Bomb is Valued at $25 AUD, So yeah whilst it is cheaper to go to lush, you get a ring in these damn things!

Final Thoughts
Price- 4/10
Rating- 9/10
Would I buy again?
 Yes for sure! Maybe not 3, maybe just 1 here and there when I want to treat myself since they are quite expensive. They are super fun and the anticipation makes the experience more magical. I think they would make amazing unique gifts for people as well!

That’s all from me.
Until Next time my lovely xxx

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Let’s get personal! Blogging goals for 2018

Whilst I haven’t had this blog for a long time I have learnt so much already!

One of the most important things I’ve learnt is to let your readers know who you are and I haven’t really ever done that! So today we’re going to get personal!

Hi, call me Pretty Peach! Obviously that’s not my real name. It makes it fun to have a pen name! Any who moving on. Today I wanna talk about my blogging goals so to speak.

Engage with the blogging community more.

Look being real guys I write and schedule my posts up to two months prior to them being posted. Due to this ‘set and forget’ mindset I sometimes have I can forget to engage with you guys! My goal for this year is to try to jump on the blog everyday even for ten minutes during my break at work and really explore and engage with you guys.

Grow my instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

This sort of fits hand in hand with engaging with the blogging community. I do use tumblr and Instagram a lot but not really twitter. I want to be able to grow my online presence and work with other like minded people!

Write a collaborated blog post.

This is something I really wanted to do for a long time. A while ago I did made a lifestyle blog separate to this blog with another blogger where we planned to blog and work together on posts but sadly that never happened. I’d love to work someone since I think it would be fun! Feel free to hit me up 😉

Get better and photography!

You may have noticed that my photos are a little hit and run. I do have a digital camera but it’s so old and temperamental. When the weather is warm it won’t even turn on for some reason! (Hence some of the awful iPhone pics) my goal for this year is to invent in a better camera and develop my photography skills! Any advice would be great as well!

Write more lifestyle posts.

Whilst this is a beauty review blog I think it’s nice to break up the make up with some lifestyle tips. I think that everyone has important lifestyle tips that they can share!

My last goal is something I’m a little scared to do and that is let you guys learn more about me!

This is something I’m a little scared to do I mean my blog is new. My presence is unknown and I’m okay with that. I write for fun but would the small audience I have now want to know more about me? This is my first shot at it! Let me know how I’m going!

That’s all from me my lovely! I hope

You have a good 2018!

The Body Shop Aloe Vera Day and Night Cream

Hey guys, this post will be short and sweet. My latest obsession is the body shop. I love all there creams and skincare products! They smell so nice too! When I saw these gems I knew I had to have them.

So they have a whole Aloe Vera skincare range which I love. I have an Aloe Vera plant at home and I use it for everything! This range was made to calm red angry skin down.

There are 10 products in the Aloe Vera range but I only picked up two. I got the Day Cream and the Night Cream.

Both creams are unscented and very thick in texture. To be honest I don’t really see the difference between the two creams. For all, I know they are the same cream in different packages.

I also found that they irritated my skin like crazy. Not only do I have hyperpigmentation from acne, I have super sensitive skin. Whilst this product was meant to help reduce my redness it just made my skin itchy and made me break out like crazy. Booo.

The day cream came in at $25aud whilst the night cream was $28 aud, and they were both very small pots.

Overall Thoughts


Would I buy it again? No sorry, this product is not for me which was a shame. I love the body shop, their products are amazing. This one did not agree with me at all though.

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely’s!

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SmashBox Studio Skin Foundation

I am a big fan of Smashbox lipsticks. Always have been, always will be but I’ve never really tried anything from there range other than their lipsticks. My sister actually bought this foundation for herself but it was WAYYYY too dark for her pasty white skin. For me it was perfect. Being summer I tan (unintentionally) Like crazy! So my normal foundation is a little light for me at the moment. I think it was meant to be.


This foundation claims to be a full coverage foundation that lasts for 15 hours.  Sign me up I say. I love full coverage foundation. Sadly it is not. I’d say its more of a medium coverage foundation. To really get a full coverage from this foundation you have to pack it on which I hate doing. I want to put my full coverage foundation on and go.

The colour was perfect for my skin tone at the moment. It is slightly dark but its easily fixed with my setting powder which is one shade lighter than my skin. Winning!

DSCF7394It was a very creamy texture and when applied left a shiny look which made me panic since I don’t do shiny foundation. It also applies very darkly to the skin but once it oxidises the colour clams down and it mattifies thankfully.  I got it in the sade 2.2 which on the website looks super light but in real life is quite dark. In summer I’m normally in the medium skin tone range and this was a tad dark.


Overall once you add some setting powder, highlighter, and blush it’s a pretty good foundation. Does it last 15 hours though? Look it really doesn’t. I’ve been wearing it to work lately and I come home after a 10-hour shift and it’s gone. I also find that it moves around A LOT if you are super sweaty which is annoying. I think this foundation would be better for winter. The foundation does, however, make your skin feel super hydrated which I can never be mad at.

Coming in at $61 AUD it isn’t cheap.

The Verdict
Would I buy it again? Look it’s an okay foundation, not bad for everyday use and I will finish it, but I won’t be swapping it out for my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation anytime soon. If you want a moisturising foundation that isn’t too full coverage then this is probably for you.
That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely’s!
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