The Face Shop JeJu Volcanic Lava Mask

Yes, here I am again with another Face Shop review! I just love that shop so much! If you don’t know what the Face Shop is, it’s a Korean skincare shop that is AMAZING!

I was lucky enough to actually receive this from one of my best friend for Christmas who knows how much I love this shop! What made it more fun was, we tried it together.


This mask interested me a lot. It says it’s made from volcanic ash from the Jeju volcanos. Seems like a lot of work to make if you ask me! It is meant to detoxify your skin giving it a super deep clean as well as minimising pores. I feel like most masks do this nowadays if I’m being totally honest.

The one thing I was like yeah sure is the pore minimisation. As someone with pores the size of the moon, I’d love to minimise my pores and have tried 1000 different things but have given up.

This mask is similar to the classic clay type mask. It’s thick and creamy and very soft to the touch. It is however much thicker than a clay mask.

You pop it on let it set for about 10 minutes and wash it off.

The first thing I noticed is my skin was VERY RED. I was like oh no this was a mistake. I already have hyper-pigmentation, super sensitive skin and the occasional skin irritation scab formation type burning situation when a product and I don’t get along. I can normally tell when a product isn’t for me as soon as I put it on my skin. My skin will instantly burn and turn bright red but this mask didn’t do that which confused me. I was like whatever and went to bed. Normally the next day my skin is a mess if I disagree with a product. Expecting to wake up with awfully red, painful, scabby skin I was shocked. My skin was looking flawless. My hyperpigmentation was noticeably reduced, my skin was super soft and dewy and my pores. Holy hell where did my pores go! They were so small. I was scared in all honesty.

Coming in at $27 AUD it is a steal!

The Verdict

Price- 9/10
Rating- 10/10
Would I buy again? 
Yes, 1000 times yes it is truly amazing!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
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Rich Hand V, Hand And Foot Total Treatment

My recent trip to Melbourne found me at my favourite shop in the world. The Face Shop. For anyone who doesn’t know what the Face Shop is, it’s a Korean skincare shop that does sometimes have makeup! It is heaven on earth…well next to Vivi’s.

I’ve been getting into a lot of swimming lately both at the beach and the pool to keep fit but I found that the chlorine and the salt are really drying my skin out. Especially my feet. My feet have been super cracked, rough and hard which is super annoying!

Whilst in Melbourne my goal was to get a good foot cream since I’ve been using hand cream on my feet! That is when I found it. My one true love, the hand and foot total treatment!

Whilst the packaging is kind of boring and the smell smells, well like cream this stuff is AMAZING!

The texture of this cream is so strange, in a good way. It’s thick but not too thick, creamy but at the same time kind of not? Its what I think shea butter would feel like but a little thinner. The texture is that damn nice I may or may not have stuck my whole finger in it out of pure lust.

A little really goes a long way. Whilst it is a little greasy the results are almost instant! I find it works best before bed since it’s quite cooling and relaxing.

Coming in at $20 it is a steal!

The Verdict
Price- 9/10
Would I buy again?
Uhg yes, this is all I’ve ever needed in life! I hope they never stop selling it, it’s just that good!

That’s all from me.
Until Next time my lovely xxx
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L’Oréal Paris Pure clay mask review 2.0

Oh my god why are these masks so good! So one of my first posts was on the L’Oréal Paris pure clay mask in charcoal. Since then I have gotten the whole collection including the two new masks that just launched in Australia which I know have been around for a while in us but I’m just so excited.

The masks are like magic!!! They have something for every need! In the range, there are five masks at the moment!

There is;

The pure clay detox and brining mask made with charcoal to pull out all the gunk in your skin. It’s black, thin and creamy with no real scent to it!

The pure clay exfoliation and refining mask made with red Algee to gently exfoliate the skin. This one is a sandy red in colour has a subtle sweet scent and is thick and rough so you can feel the exfoliation. This one doesn’t dry hard like most clay masks. You put on leave it for 10-15 rub it around and rings it off!

The pure clay purifies and mattifies mask is made from eucalyptus and is designed to help with oily skin. I have very oily skin so this mask is heaven. I use these face masks three times a week. I use this one once a week on its own all over my face and then another day I will multi-mask with this, the red one and the black one!

The pure clay clarifies and smooth is one of the new ones to make its way to Australia. It’s made with lemon to brighten the skin and man does it work wonders! Like the exfoliation mask, it’s thick and rough but this one drys hard. It has a lovely lemon scent and results are instant! As someone with hyperpigmentation, this is a lifesaver. When you wash it off your skin is a bit red but after half an hour your skin looks brighter and marks are less red! It’s yellow in colour which makes me wonder if they dye their products. The first two I can see why they could naturally be black and red but the yellow one is somewhat confronting!

The pure clay clear and comfort mask is another new one to make its way to Australia. Made with seaweed this mask clears blemishes, tightens the skin and calms stressed skin. Wow, that’s a lot for a mask to do. Let me tell you it does just that. This mask, like the black one, is very thin and silky and has a salty smell. After you wash it off your face feels tight and clean! I like to use this with the clarify and smooth mask as a multi-mask since I find they work well together. This mask, however, is bright blue….like the yellow mask I think it’s dyed.

Literally, all they need is a hydrating mask and boom you are set for life. These are honestly my go-to masks. There so cheap yet super effective. Instantly after every mask, I can see the difference. There great for multi masking or they’re great on there own. I go to them in my times of need and they never ever let me down.

Coming in at $12AUD Each they are hat damn cheap! I honestly don’t know if these are just a cheap dupe of an expensive mask or what but I’m yet to find a better mask.

Oh and one last thing. I’m going to be posting Tuesdays and Thursdays now and not doing Sundays anymore. I’m sorry my lovely xxx

Until next time xxx

Predicted beauty trends of 2018

Hey guys my post about the worst trends of 2017 inspired me to look into the predicted trends of 2018. Whilst there are 1000s of predictions these 7 are the most popular!

1. Skincare that doubles as makeup
This year it’s predicted that people are going to ditch the heavy foundation and go for a more natural look. Tinted moisturisers and tinted sunscreen will be used to achieve this new natural look plus it’s good for your skin!

2. Bright coloured eyeshadow
The days of the classic Smokey eye could come to an end this year! Bright reds, deep blues and vibrant purples just to name a few are what’s making it big in the beauty world right now! None of these subtle natural colours, big bold and bright is what we want!

3. Glitter lipgloss
With the return of the lipgloss thanks to Fenty beauty, glitter has been predicted to be all the rage! So versatile that you can apply it on top of any lip colour this is one prediction I hope comes true!

4. Big bold lashes
Everyone loves lashes! Last year it was all about spider lashes but not this year! Big full thick lashes are predicted to be all the rage this year. This is something I have ALWAYS loved!

5. Cleansing oil
With Korean beauty trends becoming more and more popular in the western world this year we could be saying goodbye to the tradition foam cleanser and opting for an oil cleanser. I personally dislike them since they are so messy to use and you don’t get the satisfaction of the soapy bubbles you get from other cleansers. Whilst oil cleaners are meant to be better for your skin I personally want nothing to do with them!

6. Gold. Lots of gold
Again thanks to the highly influential Fenty beauty range and the ever so popular trophy wife highlighter, gold is set to be all the rage! Gold highlights, gold eyeshadow and gold lipgloss! An added bonus is gold looks good with pretty much all skin tones! I have already jumped on this Trend!

7. Spiced cider hair colour
This is the one Trend that I think is just stupid. It is literally just a blonder strawberry blond with brown highlights. Plus a spiced cider is more orange in appearance. If anything was to be a spiced cider hair colour I would say it is when the blonde in your hair turns brassy!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
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Too Faced Pretty Little Planner

Man oh man am I obsessed with too faced at the moment. All their products are soooo cute!! The one thing I’ve been wanting for ages is the too faced pretty little planners. I am a sucker for anything baby blue and to do with planning so when I got it for Christmas I almost cried.

2012-03-01 05.00.54.jpg

Now if you know anything about me eyeshadows are my weakness. I’m the worst as doing anything with eyeshadows but these. Wow I’m surprised at how easy they blend out. Their super pigmented and not really powdery so you don’t get that crazy fall out. Have a look at these swatches

I like how there is a range of mattes and glitters to so the looks are endless. One thing I wish they had was more natural mattes in the palette since if I want to make a look with that palette alone my only choices are coffee first, snooze you later or why not.

2012-03-01 05.01.11.jpg

I love how it’s so user-friendly. You can easily blend two colours together to make endless combos. This is my first decent palette though since I’m not really good with eyeshadows so that could be why I’ve never had a good experience.

I’m pretty proud of this look since as I said before I’m not the best with eyeshadow.

Now for the planner. Holy hell is it cute. It comes in this little fake leather zip-up case that has a little heart mirror. It’s great for storing other little times too. The little planner is small but perfect for me to uni. It’s super cute, colourful and has all these little facts about too faced cosmetics!

I often keep a pen and a small lipstick inside the planner case since I bring the planner everywhere I go!

2012-03-01 05.04.58.jpg

Coming in at $61 AUD it isn’t cheap.

The Verdict
Price- 5/10
Rating- 8/10
Would I buy again-
Yes I would. I think it is a cute little idea and whilst it is expensive you do get a planner and a cute little planner cover with it.

As it is limited edition they aren’t selling it anymore so I won’t be able to link it in this post Sorry!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx.

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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

When I first saw the name of this mascara I laughed so hard. Like, come on that’s a pretty big claim! That and it promises to give you 119% more eyelash length. How do they even measure that?

Having recently been obsessed with too faced I picked up the mini just to give it a whirl and man am I sad I didn’t go full sized.

2012-03-01 04.52.21.jpg

This mascara makes my eyelashes look amazing! I’m not someone who wears false lashes. Actually, The truth is I can’t put them on so that’s why. This mascara is, in my opinion, the next best thing to falsies!

It doesn’t clump or give you spider leg lashes and it’s a nice black! It’s buildable so you can make your lashes as long as you want.

It sadly takes a while to dry so don’t touch your eyes or you will get panda eyes!! It also isn’t waterproof which is good for removal but bad for when it rains!

My eyes with better than sex mascara

The mini is perfect to keep in your handbag or for travel so it is a plus for me since I didn’t get the full sized. And the packaging is hella cute!!!

Coming in at $33 for a full sized its actually pretty good value for money!

The Verdict
Price- 7/10
Rating- 8/10
Would I buy again-
For sure. As someone who has no idea how to put fake eyelashes on this is a real life savour! I think next time ill go for the waterproof one since living in Melbourne it always rains.

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx.

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$900 Skincare Routine!!!

Wait what? Did I say $900? Yep. That’s right, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the Elizabeth grant ultimate caviar collection which originally retails for $876 AUD but I got it for $450! That’s right. Half price!

So in the collection I got:

The ultimate caviar nourishing Body cream which retails for $70 AUD.

The caviar nourishing Eye cream valued $120 AUD.

The Caviar nourishing Night cream valued at $160 AUD

The Face serum -$160CAD

24-hour caviar nourishing face cream valued at $200 AUD

And the Stem cell concentrate valued at $150 AUD

Looking on the website, buying all those items separately would cost $860 AUD!

Right off the bat the 24-hour face cream and the body cream did not work well with me. Instantly they gave me a rash so I gave them to my mum (hence why I don’t have them in the photos below. Silly me should have taken photos before giving them away) with that in mind I was freaking out worried that these products would also react badly with me!

I was wrong. Let me start with my favourite thing in this collection; the eye cream! It’s so thin and lightweight yet super fast acting. Whilst I don’t really need eye cream yet, you’re never young to start! For me personally, a lot of eye creams make my eyes water, regardless of how far away they are kept from my eyes. But this one is amazing. No reaction what so ever plus it absorbs super fast! It also really helps with dark circles which amazed me!

The night cream is something else. Man you put that baby on and instantly your skin is soft and plump and it keeps your skin soft all day and night long! I actually forgot to moisturise one day and I found that my skin was still super soft and hydrated!

The serum and the stem cell concentrate, however, is nothing to rave about. Are they bad? No they’re okay. There nothing special. Sorry but I’ve had better results with cheaper serums. Whilst these do provide moisture with the effects are minimal. There is no minimisation of my pores nor is there any fast regeneration whilst using these serums which for the price is quite annoying. Perhaps it would work better for people with aged skin and wrinkles but it didn’t do much for me.

I got this pack via TVSN, an Australian shopping network, however, I cannot find the original deal anymore! I also must point out it doesn’t come with a cleanser, toner or exfoliate, which for a skincare pack is kind of disappointing! They should have swapped the 24-hour cream, one of the serums and the body cream for a cleanser toner and exfoliator!

Whilst my skin has become way softer and the dark circles under my eyes have disappeared I wouldn’t say this $900 skincare routine to be worth it! I’ve tried it for about two months now and yeah it’s ok but I’ve seen better results from other cheaper brands. Again I should also point out that my main issue is the redness in my skin rather than moisture which yes is still an issue for me but not my main issue.

Overall this was a fun little experiment that I mainly did on the blog!

The Verdict

Rating: 4/10
Price: 0/10
Would I buy again:
look the eye cream yes. Anything else? Maybe not. It’s pricey af!

That’s all from me.
Until Next time my lovely xxx

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