The Sunday Life- Preparing for Uni

University can be a scary thing. For some people, it means moving away from home to study. For others, it means starting at a new place not knowing anyone. 

For me personally, I went to a University about 2 hours away from my hometown, I didn’t know anyone and because of that, I decide to drive there every day which got very hard for me. 

It’s not all that bad! Uni is one of the best times in your life. It’s where you truly find yourself and make some amazing friends, without the pettiness of high school.

In Australia, it’s almost time for new students to start Uni which inspired me to write this post. Whilst I am now an online student (Due to work commitments) I can gladly say that my time spent on campus studying at uni were some of the best times in my life! In this post,  I’ll give you some tips on how to prepare for uni!


Join a Social Club
University isn’t only about getting a degree so you can get a job. It’s a place where you can really find yourself and explore your interests so why not join a club. You may be studying business but have a passion for photography so why not join the photography club? You’ll meet like-minded people and who knows you may even make a lifelong friend.  It’s a great way to not only meet new people but relax a little from the stresses of study. 

Explore The Campus Before Your Classes Start
It’s a new environment your not expected to know your way around the campus, but you don’t want to be late on your first day. On my first day of uni, there was an accident on the highway, I live two hours away so I was about 45 minutes late to my first class despite leaving early… It was quite embarrassing walking in and everyone staring at you. Plus I had no idea where my class was which made it more stressful! Go to the campus a day or two before classes start and scope out your classrooms. If you’re travelling like I was, time your drive and leave at least an hour earlier. 

Get All Your Books As Soon As The Booklist Is Out
Booklists are usually out about a month before you start uni, depending on where you go. Don’t wait until the week before to buy your books. Get them ASAP and start taking notes. It’s very rear that you won’t use the whole textbook. Even if you don’t have your prescribed readings yet (and you probably won’t) just read the damn textbook and take notes. It saves so much time and effort, especially for when you have assignments to do. Getting ahead helps so much and takes so much pressure off of you. I know for me personally, when I am doing assignments I literally have no time to do readings or anything else and it can get really stressful when you fall behind. That’s why I always try to stay ahead. 

Study For Your Exams From Week 1
Yep, that’s right. Start studying for exams as soon as you start! It makes life so much easier. What I like to do is make an ‘exam book’. I will write all my notes down from the textbook, lecture and tutorials and then condense them down into an exam book. Before bed every night I will read those notes and then go to sleep. I also like to break it up. A typical Uni trimester/semester is made up of 12 weeks. I will study notes from Week 1-4 for a month (as in I will start from week one, read my week one notes for a whole week, continue to week two read my week one and two notes for a whole week, etc) Week 5-8 for a month and weeks 9-12 for a month. By the time exams come you already know most of the content and you only need to put minimal effort into study. When exams come I like to do a practise exam and read over my notes one or two more times and I am good to go! Trust me, it beats cramming.

Talk To Everyone and Anyone
It’s no fun being alone. Even if your main priority is to study, it helps to study in a group! So start chatting with your classmates and random people. Really put yourself out there. University is something that you’re meant to enjoy so make the most of it. It goes by pretty fast! Trust me, I’m in my last year of my undergraduate and I feel as if I have just started. 

I hope these tips help and good luck with your studies!
That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx

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The Art Of Face Masks IV- Do’s and Don’ts

Everyone loves a face mask but did you know you could be doing it wrong? When you apply face masks wrong you can actually do more harm than good. Trust me I learnt the hard way.

My beauty therapist said something to me the other day that really stuck with me. What you do at home is the most important when it comes to taking care of your skin. This is especially important when applying face masks. It’s okay girl, I got your back. I’ll be letting you in on the do’s and don’ts of face masks.

This is probably one of the most common mistakes that people make. Why would you apply a face mask to a dirty face? The goal of a face mask is too deep clean your skin. Why would you let all that makeup and dry skin stand in your way! Toning BEFORE is especially important since it restores ph to your skin, opens the pores and helps with better absorption of the product. There is no point applying toner after a face mask since you’ll miss out on all the benefits of the mask.

They have times on the packet for a reason. Longer does not mean better. If anything it can make your skin worse. With clay masks especially, people find it very tempting to leave them on until they crack so they feel as if they have done something. THIS IS THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO. This ultimately drys your skin since it pulls all your natural oils, good and bad out of your skin. I’ve done this before and it’s left my skin red, itchy and flaky. It is not a good look.

Peel face masks are pretty cool but there is no point using it if you have oily skin. Make sure that the face mask you are using is designed for your skin. Using the wrong face mask can do more harm than good! 

This is probably the biggest mistake that I have made. If you have sensitive skin like I do, then the last thing you want to do is burn the hell out of it. Some ingredients may not react well with your skin so it is important to do a test on the back of your hand prior to trying a new face mask. Trust me it can take weeks even months to recover and leave you with scars if you are severely allergic to an ingredient. 

The last post in this series will be about DIY face masks. Stay Tune.

That’s all from me. 
Until next time my lovely xxx
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The Art Of Face Masks III- What Mask Is For You

Everyone’s skin type and concerns are different. The beauty of face masks is that there is a type for every skin concern which is why I love them so much! For me personally, it took me some time to find out what kind worked for me. Using the wrong type can actually do you more harm than good.  This post is to help you pick the face mask that is best for you! I should note that I am not a professional so these are only recommendations in attempts to help you. 

First of all, what is your skin concern? Is it oily, sensitive, dry, uneven, aged, balanced or damaged? Everyone has a skin type. If you had super oily skin why would you use a face mask meant for dry skin? The first step is to identify what type of skin you have and what your issue is! 

Now that you’ve identified your skin concern its time to talk about the different types of masks. 

Clay Masks
Clay masks are great if you have oily skin. They penetrate the skin and draw impurities from the skin, pulling oils and dirt from the pores. There are 10000s of types of clay masks too! My favourite is the Pure Clay Mask range from L’oriel Paris.  Not only do they help with oily skin, they also have clay masks that help with pigmentation, blackheads and breakouts.  It’s almost like a double whammy. 

Peel Off Masks
Peel off masks are probably the most fun but they are a big no go for me. I have oily skin and these masks are ideal for dry skin or aged skin. They hydrate and tighten the skin. They can either come in gel form or plastic form. The gel type is usually more hydrating. Beware, the plastic types can hurt when peeling off but they do show instant results! 

Thermal Masks
These are otherwise known as heat masks. They can come in cream or sheet form. You put them on and they slowly heat up to open the pores and help unclog dirt stuck in the skin. These types of masks are very good for acne-prone skin. It’s not recommended for people with damaged skin (such as scabby acne). My skin personally is very sensitive so I’ve never had a good experience with these. They always seem to irritate my skin so I’m going to recommend that this is not for the sensitive types. 

Cream Masks
Cream masks are perfect for balanced to dry skin. These are super sensitive and add moisture to the skin. There are also cream masks that are used for gradual whitening and dull skin. These types are easy to get carried away with since, unlike clay masks, thermal masks and peel off masks there is no real change in the mask so you other then the time, you don’t really know when it’s done. 

Warm Oil Masks
Oil masks or warm oil masks is just that, warm oil. So in spa’s they usually use warm oil masks but you can find oil masks for home use. The at-home uses oil masks are not warm. Contrary to the word oil, this mask can be used on any type of skin. Whilst it does add moisture to the skin it has many other benefits such as the ability to
repiar damaged skin. You just need to read what the mask is for to see if it is right for you.

Sheet Masks
Sheet Masks were made popular by Korean beauty. What I love about sheet masks is that there is a kind of any skin concern you just need to read. These are probably the easiest forms of face masks to use.  I did a post on Korean face masks a while back which you can read here:

The next part of this series is Face Masks do’s and don’ts.

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
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The Art Of Face Masks II- Benefits of Face Masks

Welcome to part two of the art of face masks! Today we will be talking about the benefits of face masks. 

I love face masks so much. I always look forward to my face masking days. Recently whilst I was laying in bed wearing a face mask I decided to make a list of why I love face masks which inspired me to write this post. Cross-referencing my list of why I love face masks and research here is my list of the benefits of face masks.

There are so many types
Mud, Clay, Cream, Peel off, Gel, Sheet. You name it, I’ve done it. The beauty of face masks is that there are so many different types. If one doesn’t work for you there are always other options. What makes it more exciting is that there is a type for every concern! The possibilities are endless!

Instant Results
If a mask is not giving you instant results then whats the point is what I always say. Unlike cleansers, toners and moisturisers, face masks deliver instant results. Dry skin? Chuck on a hydrating mask and boom your skin is instantly hydrated! Red irritated skin? Use a soothing mask and bam bye bye redness. 

Stress Relief
If I’ve had a stressful day at work the one thing I look forward to is a face mask. Since face masks normally take 10-20 minutes making it the perfect time to relax. The cooling or tightening or wet feel of the mask, for me anyway, acts as a reminder that this time is for me and I should relax. Relaxing also helps make your skin look more flawless. 

Above all, face masks are super fun! There are some crazy face masks out there which make it a super fun thing to do with your friends! I personally love the funny animal sheet masks. They make for the best selfies!

That’s all for the benefits of face masks. Tune in for the next post where we will be talking about what face mask is for you!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
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The Art of Face Masks I. History of Face Masks

Welcome to the start of my 5 part mini-series on The Art of Face Masks. For the next two weeks ill be talking all things face masks from the history of face masks, benefits, what mask is for you, face mask do’s and don’ts and DIY recipes. I’ve been researching and working on this for about two months now so I’m so proud to finally publish it to the world. I hope you enjoy!

Now let’s get to the good stuff! The history of Face Masks.

Face masks in the ancient times

Face masks have been around for generations. Each culture displayed their own unique take on the face mask long before commercial cosmetic brands. The oldest record of face masks has been dated back to 3000 BC. 5000 years ago in India, Men and Woman took care of their skin, not for cosmetic purposes but religious purposes. The Ayurveda religion (standing for life and knowledge) would often apply mixtures of herbs and flowers to their face and body with the belief that it will aid healing and pure the soul. 

This is not the only place that face masks have been recorded. The women of Ancient Rome reported around 2500 BC, often used olive oil and vinegar as a mask to moisturise and tighten their skin. These common ingredients can be found in many mainstream products due to their amazing natural healing properties. We have the Romans to thank for that. 

Face masks between 1500-1800

Jumping from the BCs to somewhat more recent times the practice of wearing a face mask wasn’t as kind. In the Elizabethan era (the 1500’s) it was a common belief that the whiter you are the more youthful and wealthy you are (this also went for how fat you were. The fatter you are the more wealthy you look…which is what I like to tell myself). Women went to extream lengths to whiten their skin, mixing lead and vinegar together and apply it all over their face! This is poisonous as hell so don’t try this at home! I’ve read some horror stories about Asian women having severe burns in recent times from using too many skin whitening products, imagine what LEAD would do to your skin!

The use of lead for whitening was not only used in Europe. The Edo period in Japan (the 1600’s) Found many Japanese women desiring to have skin that isn’t white, but translucent. They would mix lead and vinegar with bird droppings and use it as a face mask. The Japanese would often use Bird droppings to remove stains from silk due to the high ammonia content it has. Many Geisha’s used Bird droppings (Uguisu no fun) on its own and not mixed as a foundation. Guys, lead + Vinegar + Ammonia is definitely NOT a good idea!  I must note that Uguisu no fun is completely safe to use on its own and it is still used today as an effective acne treatment. 

Face Masks 1900s- Today

The 1900’s showed women fear towards an ageing complexion. A popular anti Aging treatment (whilst I know isn’t a face mask but I needed to mention it here) was getting ‘radioactive beauty plasma’ injected into their skin. This beauty plasma was made from a mix of raw metals, radium and other chemicals. It was advertised as volcanic clay and caused significant health problems. 

Another popular trend in the 1900’s was raw meat facials where women would get a piece of fresh steak, lamb or pork and put it over their face. It was believed that the blood and enzymes in the meat would help break down the anti ageing process and make you look young.

Nowadays most popular face masks include ingredients such as charcoal, Matcha, Olive Oil and Clay. Clay masks are, dare I say it, the most popular masks out there on the market for their amazing purifying benefits. Clay throughout history has always been a useful medium and in ancient times was primarily used for medical purposes. Whilst there were most likely some civilisations that did use clay for cosmetic reasons, all my research found studies on today’s society rather than ancient times which isn’t a bad thing. 

Whilst this is a very brief history on face masks throughout the times, you can see how no matter what era everyone wanted to look good!

Tune in next time for part 2- Why face masks are good for you.

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
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The Sunday Life- Why I made a blog

Hey all, I know I’ve said in the past that I would only be blogging twice a week but if you recall in my blogging goals 2018 post, I want to get more personal with you guys and focus on some lifestyle posts as well as the usual beauty review posts.

I’ve been thinking about how to go about this for a while now and i decided to dedicate Sundays to lifestyle posts and letting you guys get to know me. That’s why I haven’t posted Sundays for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been preparing for ‘The Sunday Life’. 

I love the idea of series and ongoing things that’s why every second sunday from now on ill be doing a lifestyle post. I decided to call all of these “The Sunday Life”. 

Now that’s out of the way, lets get down to today topic. Why I made a blog. I decided to start a blog in October 2017, Yes I have only been blogging for 4 months! I was bored one night and wanted to do something creative. I love to write but I don’t like writing stories. I like to help people but I wasn’t sure how. I also like beauty and skincare. I study online and work 3 days a week at a little cafe. My partner and all of my friends have full time jobs so I have a lot of spare time on my hands and it was starting to get to me. I needed something creative to do to fill in my time that I felt was meaningful. The next day, I was at work telling my work friend about the little issue I was having and she said “Why don’t you start a blog!” HOLY HELL WHY DID I NEVER THINK OF THAT. I Thought. That night Pretty Peach Reviews was created. Honestly it was the best thing I’ve ever done.


Why the name Pretty Peach Reviews? Well in all honesty I was eating a peach whilst designing my website and went, oh crap I need a name. Peach reviews sounded strange and since I was creating a Beauty blog why not chuck the name pretty into it. Yep…that’s it. That is how i came up with the name. Okay so I was playing around with the name Tru Reviews but I felt that it was very bland and boring. 

I was so excited because now I had something meaningful to me and creative to do. I love creating posters for my little cafe to help advertise but their always so strict to what they have to look like. I was excited to design my own logo. My own image! I found over the last 4 months my design has grown and developed into everything that I hoped for. Below are all the logos and designs I went though before getting to the one I love and cherish now.



When I started, no one would read what I posted. Whilst I’m only doing this for a hobby it did hurt a lot. I was putting all my time and effort into these posts and no one seemed to care. That’s when I decided to make and Instagram and a Tumblr to get my blog out there. It was the best thing I ever did. It gave me so much inspiration on things to write and things to try out, as well as an outlet to just relax on. I love to use Tumblr after a long day of work since I can just switch off and look at things I love.  Not only did it help inspire me and relax me but it helped me get so many more readers. (My tumblr is and my insta is prettypeachreviews FYI) 

Okay to be honest my reads per month is less then 500 but I don’t really care. People are taking the time to read what I write and it makes me feel really good about myself. That’s why I’m all so grateful to you guys. Whilst I haven’t been on this journey for long I am amazed at the blogging community. Everyone here is all so friendly and helpful. I love engaging with you guys and talking to new people everyday!  I am so thankful that I decided to start this blog!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
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Fragrances that gartentee you will get complamented every time

Other then skincare I always spend big on good quality perfume. It lasts forever, smells amazing and makes you feel a little luxurious! Here’s a list of my top 5!

5. Red Door – $23.00

2012-03-01 05.18.41.jpg

Okay so this one is cheap but it smells luxurious! My mother uses to always wear this when I was younger so there’s something about the smell that brings me a calming feeling. This is one of those cheap perfumes that is guaranteed to get you completed every time! Okay, so I do have to admit this smell is a real hit or miss on people. On me and my mother it smells amazing but on my sister, it’s a no go so I do recommend trying before you buy!

4. Flower Bomb – $70.00

2012-03-01 05.17.27.jpg

This perfume is a real punch in the face!!! it’s a very very strong fragrance that you can smell as soon as you enter a room. It’s either a hit or miss with some people but I personally really like it. Go big or go home.

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream-$80.00

2012-03-01 05.15.28.jpg

Everyone has smelt daisy. Daisy Dream is a more subtle version of daisy which I think is slightly more floral than the original Daisy. It’s the type of perfume you’d wear to work.

2. Dior  Hypnotic Poison- $140.00

2012-03-01 05.15.09.jpg

This perfume only recently made it to my list knocking out Armani code. I actually received this perfume for Christmas from my uncle. I love Dior makeup but never really dove into their fragrances and man do I regret it. This scent is a strong scent but not in an unpleasant way. It’s more something you’d wear out to an event rather than an everyday perfume.

1. Chanel Number 5- $160.00

2012-03-01 05.16.42.jpg

This smell is oh my god. Classic and fresh. Not too strong but really packs a punch. This is my nonna’s signature scent and her whole house smells like this! Whenever I wear it I get strangers complimenting me on how nice I smell. It lasts a super long time as well! I find it’s a smell that smells good on anyone.

BONUS Si -$200.00

I recently smelt this when my nonna got it for Christmas and man, oh man I just think I might be my new number one. It’s a very sweet smell but has that classic kind of scent it’s a very complex smell. I really need to pick up a bottle of this stuff. It’s amazing!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx.

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