The Sunday Life- Preparing for Uni

University can be a scary thing. For some people, it means moving away from home to study. For others, it means starting at a new place not knowing anyone.  For me personally, I went to a University about 2 hours away from my hometown, I didn't know anyone and because of that, I decide to... Continue Reading →


The Sunday Life- Why I made a blog

Hey all, I know I've said in the past that I would only be blogging twice a week but if you recall in my blogging goals 2018 post, I want to get more personal with you guys and focus on some lifestyle posts as well as the usual beauty review posts. I've been thinking about how to... Continue Reading →

At Home Spa Level Facial

Who doesn't love going to the spa! I know it's one of my favourite things to so but sadly as a uni student who works part-time it's not something I can really afford. As someone with ultra-sensitive skin, my skin flairs up a lot. I can get crazy red acne from being in the city too... Continue Reading →

Let’s get personal! Blogging goals for 2018

Whilst I haven’t had this blog for a long time I have learnt so much already! One of the most important things I’ve learnt is to let your readers know who you are and I haven’t really ever done that! So today we’re going to get personal! Hi, call me Pretty Peach! Obviously that’s not... Continue Reading →

Makeup & Travel- What should I pack?

Recently I just came back from a two-week interstate working trip which inspired me to write this post. When travelling anywhere, whether it be for work or for pleasure i've always been faced with the problem of what to bring and what not to bring. For me doing my everyday look involves a lot of time,... Continue Reading →

The Art Of Wellbeing

Hey guys, Just another lifestyle post.  This one is really important to me. A few months ago whilst I was in the city for my exams I stumbled across this cute little cafe. This cafe was in a loft type building and was full of books and records for sale. That's where I found this... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

All you coffee lovers out there you know the best coffee comes from a Barista right? Wrong! You don't need a big fancy coffee machine or a Barista to get great tasting coffee! As a coffee fanatic and a Barista by profession ill teach you right ways to brew your coffee at home without the... Continue Reading →

Get Organised! The Uni Edition!

Starting University can be pretty scary regardless if you come straight from high school or have had a long break from study! Everything can seem new and daunting at university. A new campus, new people, new classes, new found freedom. It can be quite overwhelming. The most important thing is to stay organised and remember... Continue Reading →

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