Lets talk about Yoga

Hi everyone it’s me again doing another not review post but whatever, I kind of like doing something different for a change. 

Something I have really been into lately is Yoga. There are so many benefits to it and I never realised.

I first started Yoga at the start of the year. I was wanting to try something I have never done before and the gym I go to offers Yoga. I was a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to do any of it or look like a fool and be judged by everyone but I was wrong. Whilst it was pretty hard to do  (It did take me a couple of classes to get used to it)  all the people there were not even taking any notice of me which was great!

I also found that in the class I go to there were a lot of elder people so it made me feel super flexible and amazing at yoga… which I am not.  


One thing that I did learn is you do need a good quality mat. I got a cheap mat from Kmart that was like $8 which was very slippery and stretchy and often moved when I was moving in and out of different poses which made it quite difficult.

I did get a new mat which was pretty expensive but so worth it. It is sweat proof and slip-proof which makes it so much easier to practise yoga on. I do however have to break the mat in since it still is a little slippery which was something I did not know I had to do. To break in your matt just spray warm water and salt onto your mat and rub it in. It will break down the top layer and make it less slippery. 

I really like how I find that I sleep better after yoga and my body feels so good for a few days like I have gotten an amazing whole body massage. I have also learnt that I am holding a lot of tension in places such as my hips that I didn’t really think needed a stretch! 

There are many types of yoga that I would love to try but right now I am doing Hatha yoga which is a slow-moving yoga which makes you stay in a pose and breath for a few seconds. I have also tried Vinyasa Yoga which is a flowing yoga sequence where you don’t stay in each pose for a long time and is fast-paced. It’s a real work out. 

Have you guys tried yoga? If so what is your favourite type?

That’s all from me. A short and sweet post.
Until next time xxx
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How To Start A Blog- Part 1 Thinking About Starting A Blog.

There is a lot that goes into blogging and it isn’t something that you should think about lightly. blogging….


Recently in the comments of my last Sunday life post on what to post when you don’t know what to post (which you can read here) A reader, Kathy, said that she has always wanted to start a blog but doesn’t really know how to which inspired me to write this post.  So shout out to Kathy for being such a great supporter of mine and inspiring this post! Everyone one of my reader’s support is very important and encouraging to me! 

So there is a lot to starting a blog which is why I shall make a few parts to this. Part 1 is getting started.

STEP 1- Have Something You Like To Write About.
To start a blog you have to have something that you want to write about. I like makeup and skincare, and so do a lot of other people which is why I thought instead of being your everyday beauty blogger I would write helpful detailed reviews on products and I find that really fun. You need to find something that you enjoy, that you think other people would like and that, most importantly is easy for you to write about. Your blog doesn’t have to have just one theme you can blog about anything!

There’s no point writing a blog that you are not passionate about. It is not as easy as you think. You have to put a lot of time and planning into blogging, there is a lot of behind the scenes things that you need to do to run your blog. What’s the point of using all that time if it is on something you don’t really care about?

STEP 2- Decide If You Want To Go Self-Hosted Or Hosted.
So this is a really complicated topic which I recommend you google! But in short you can go self-hosted or you can use a platform like wordpress.com. I use wordpress.com because all the basic tools are already there for you and if anything goes wrong you have support. 

By going with a platform such as wordpress.com you can start a free site but you will have the domains name on the website for example as a free user I would be prettypeachreviews.wordpress.com. I would also have limited access to themes and tools used to enhance your blog. There are a number of plans in wordpress.com and depending on what you want to do with your blog is to what plan you get. Can you be successful with a free site? Yes, but it is much easier with a plan. However, with a plan, there are limitations as to what you can and cannot do with your site. To get more freedom you need to pay more its simple. I will talk more about the cost in a moment. Let’s chat about being self-hosted. 

Self-hosted is where A developer or yourself build a self-hosted website using software such as wordpress.org and then hires a hosting company to store that website. This costs money and since you need to pay for the developer and the host as well as the web domain. 

Whilst self-hosted websites provide the ultimate in flexibility and customization and to your site and you can easily move from host to host, there are a lot of risks with it. You need to perform your own bug and risk assessment on your site or get a program that does that, You need to make sure that your codes are okay and if your site stops working YOU need to figure out why. You need to pay for security so you don’t get hacked and the list can go on and on. There is software that does this for you and some people find the freedom great but I personally find paying a host to do it for me much easier. Again it is a personal choice and you need to decide for yourself. 


STEP 3- Costs
Are you going hosted or self-hosted? What are the goals for your blog? Is it something that you want to expand into a potential career or is it something that you want to do just for fun. Do you care how many readers you get? Do you want to be monetized? In order to make money, you need to invest in your blog and this can take time and a bit of money as well as passion and luck. 

You also need to consider other programs that you may need to run your blogs like photo editing software and even a camera! You can’t just take any old picture off the internet even if you reference it. That can land you and your blog in a lot of trouble that can sometimes result in real life legal disputes. There are some free sites where you can use some pictures but they don’t always have what you are looking for. If you’re not willing to spend a little bit of money then you need to think if having a blog is worth it or not. 

STEP 4- Time
Blogging is not as simple as writing a post and posting it. God no! You need to create your own design and layout of your blog which I will talk about next time but there is much more to blogging.

You need to plan what you want to write, write it, edit it, take photos, edit photos, add photos, publish it, share it on other social media platforms! You don’t just get reads unless your lucky. You need to engage with other bloggers, other internet users across a lot of platforms, you need to comment on other peoples work, on other peoples photos comment on other blogs! You need to put yourself out there in order to get reads. I find that during exam periods when I don’t have time to engage with others on Instagram, WordPress, twitter etc that my reader rate drops by HALF! 

If you are like me and like to stick to a schedule you need to plan your blogging schedule, work out what you want to write and when. Work out when you want to post and when is the best time to post and the list of things goes on and on and on! 

Blogging is a lot of work and if you’re not passionate about starting one then I wouldn’t recommend it. This is all the things you need to think about before starting a blog! 

I hope this was helpful. Next time we will talk about setting up a blog on wordpress.com!

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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What To Post When You Don’t Know What To Post?

There is nothing worse then writers block. The lack of creativity can become extremely stressful.


Recently I have been going through some wicked writer’s block. I mean I know I mainly do product reviews but I try to make them interesting. Just knowing if a product is good or bad isn’t enough for me. I want my words to be colourful and entertaining. It’s also why I have this Sunday lifestyle post. To break up the writing and get creative but I have also been stuck on what to write here. 


When you’re stuck you also become unmotivated which is where I am right now. I mean I love my blog so much and I love to write but I am currently in a massive runt. So the question stuck in my head for ages has been what to write when you don’t know what to write? And last night it hit me. Here is my list of what to write when you don’t know what to write. 

  1. A Post like this with a whole heap of ideas that you haven’t tried for you and others to refer back to!
  2. Blogging tips.
  3. Personality Quiz (This is something I might do later on so I am not going to explain this one) 
  4. Your favourite drugstore makeup.
  5. 10 things to boost your mood.
  6. Favourite Instagram/Twitter/Bloggers.
  7. Favourite recipes.
  8. Beauty/Life Hacks.
  9. Chat about your life experiences.
  10. Let’s try Pinterest DIY.
  11. Get ready with me.
  12. Your best and worst blog post and why you think that.
  13. Break down the cost of your beauty/skincare routine.
  14. Student Life Tips.
  15. How to start a blog.
  16. How to hashtag on social media.
  17. How to balance your work life, social life, blog life, student life.
  18. Best gifts.
  19. Why self-care is important.
  20. How to break a habit.
  21. Host a Q&A on your socials and make a post about it.
  22. Talk about your blogging goals.
  23. Interview your favourite bloggers!
  24. Your favourite yoga routine.
  25. Your favourite hobby other than blogging story!

I hope these ideas helped you. I think they will help me. I also found out that lots of other people write lists like this which is actually pretty cool so there are always places you can get inspiration from!

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx.

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Things you are doing that are negatively effecting your blog!

Blogging can be hard. The hardest part is getting no readers. Did you ever stop to think that your doing something wrong to turn them away? I am here to help!


Blogging can be tough. All the pressure to get followers and likes and being disheartened when you’re not getting noticed. We have all been there! But did you know there are a few things that you are doing that are negatively affecting your blog?!

Comparing your blog with others
It’s good to look at other big bloggers for inspiration but when you compare your blog to theirs…that’s where things go wrong. I know I have done this when I first started. I tried to be similar to other blogs. My own creativity and things I wanted to do I avoided because to me it didn’t seem like it would get likes.

My following is low and I really didn’t like that. I wanted to be seen and heard. I wanted people to like me so I tried to mimic popular blogs (those posts were deleted now since it wasn’t true to myself). Never do this. You’ll become too obsessed with trying to be something your not and your readers can tell that your fake and not into it.

Expecting to be popular
Look the trust is to become popular you’re either really lucky or you work hard. Most people who work hard won’t see results for years. I have only been blogging for seven months now so I’m still quite new. I’m okay with having a small following but I wasn’t before. I remember when I first started my very first post got no views in the first week. I got so upset and wanted to give up. I’m so glad I didn’t.

Not sharing your work on other social media sites
Most of my views come from outside WordPress. I always Advertise my posts on Twitter Pinterest Tumblr LinkedIn and Instagram. This can be quite hard to remember to do and it’s important not to overshare. I use buffer to schedule all of my posts and I try to add a nice combo of random posts and advertising on my blog to break it up!

Researching how to get more followers
This is something I use to spend hours doing. Every article I have read and I have read a lot never told me anything I already didn’t know/wasn’t doing. There’s no magic way to get 1000’s of followers overnight. It takes time so instead of wasting hours on finding out how to gain followers you may as well focus on producing great content!

Not being passionate
If you’re not passionate about your blog then what’s the point of doing it? I have been lucky enough to get sent products via pr. I have always had a hobby of testing new products. It was something I do for fun. When my friends found out I was getting things for free they wanted to start a blog to also get things for free. Don’t do this!! If your only motive is to get free things then I’m sorry but you won’t. Readers and company’s alike can tell if your genuine and passionate or just a scab. Blogging takes a lot of time so if your not passionate don’t bother!

Not being SEO friendly
Now this is a big one! SEO means search engine optimization which makes it easier for google to find you and rank you higher on searches. This is something I have only just learnt about and started doing and it is really helpful! There is a lot to it and I’m still learning so I recommend a good old google search on how to optimize your blog!

These are my tips on things that may be holding you back.

I hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx

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Let’s talk about Acrylic Nails!!

Happy Sunday guys! If only it could always be Sunday. 

For the last few months, my latest obsession has been Acrylic Nails. It all started the week before my 21st birthday. My younger sister has had acrylics for ages and they just look so nice but they kind of scared me. I have super ugly nails, their square and manly in my opinion so I thought why not let’s go all out. From there I was hooked.

But what are Acrylic Nails?
Acrylic nails are fake nails. They are a powder acrylic that is set using UV/LED light. If you want longer nails then its no problem they glue on a tip and then add the Acrylic ontop which is what I did when I first got them.

Are they bad for you?
Well, it really depends. If you are smart about it then it’s fine. First of all, you would want to go to a salon that uses LED lights rather than UV lights.
Secondly, you’d want to go to a clean salon. If it looks dodgy don’t bother.
Finally whilst they do weaken your nails there is a reason for that. Your nails are 1) being sanded down at first to create an even surface and 2) not being exposed to air/nutrients since their covered so of course, they are going to weaken. But its okay because the new nail that grows, given it is not covered by acrylic will be normal so if you are wanting to get rid of your acrylics, let your nails grow out a bit and then get them removed and cut short.

Do acrylics hurt?
When you first get them yes they do for about a day. If you have never had them then it kind of makes sense. It is your nail bed getting used to having weight constantly on them. Don’t worry it goes away.

Is it hard to do things with them?
Yes and no. It is IMPOSSIBLE to pick up things like cards and coins if you drop them on the floor and you can’t really pop pimples or pick your face (which is why I kept them). Normal things like writing, texting, typing, cooking etc. is no problem. It is just a case of getting used to them.

How do you look after them?
I apply moisturiser and nail oil to my hands every night to help keep the nail bed hydrated. I clean underneath as much as possible since they are longer right now, they can get pretty gross underneath if you don’t. I also get then refilled once a month. Other than that I don’t really do anything to look after them. I have broken them (the same one twice in one week) because I got it caught in a door at my job (yes both times). 

Do they chip?
I have rarely had a nail chip. I always get shellac on top since it is fairly long lasting. I find having a matte top coat will cause them to chip a little towards the end of the month but the only real issue you get with how they look is when they are growing out.

Let’s take a trip down my nail memory lane.

The first nails I got done in January.
These were the next ones I got done in Febuary. These were colour changing they went from orange to purple.
In March I was feeling a plane dark nail with shimmer. The lady cut all the length off my nails. I was devastated.
In April I went like something shiny so I got a holo powder with a cute red!
These are my current nails. Matte black with a rose gold shimmer nail. I like this picture because the rose quarts matches my rose gold nail.

Do you have acrylic nails?

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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My Favourite T2 Tea

Hey hey it’s Sunday. In Australia that use to be a super old show, your parents would rave on about. It’s my favourite time again, Sunday! I love doing these little lifestyle posts, they break it up a bit for me and allow me to be more creative or just have a chat. Today we are going to be talking about TEA.

WHO DOESNT LOVE TEA. Okay, a lot of people don’t and your just weird if you don’t but that’s okay I don’t discriminate. I am a sucker for tea. I drink it just as much as I drink coffee…which is a lot…pretty much multiple times a day.

But I won’t drink just any tea. I will ONLY drink tea from T2. Call me picky if you must but their tea is the best. Today ill be sharing with you my Top 5 Favourite Tea from T2.

5. Nepalese Spring White
This white tea is one of T2’s rear and special range. This tea comes straight from Nepal and costs a fair bit. But it is so good. The flavour is strong yet you can let it sit and it won’t go bitter. You can reuse the tea leaves about 4 times and the flavour profile is exactly the same! 

Cost: $48.00 30g Get it here

4. Gorgeous Geisha
My first experience with tea was green tea. My Chinese friends would often drink green tea and that was probably the first type of tea I tried. Funny enough, Gorgeous Geisha was the first tea that I tried at T2. This tea is creamy and smooth with a hint of strawberry. It is really good both hot and iced which I really like since you can drink it all year round. Made with Japanese green tea leaves and freeze-dried strawberries this is one you can’t go past. 

Cost: $16.00 100g Get it here

3. Silver Needle
I love white tea. It is probably my go-to tea whenever I am out. This white tea doesn’t have much smell but man does it pack a punch.  With notes of melon, grapefruit rind and a tingle of Champagne this white tea
has an amazing aftertaste! The only ingredient in this tea is white tea which I find confusing since it has such a unique flavour profile. 
Cost: $35.00 50g

2. Canberra Breakfast
Let me tell you now this tea is hard to get. It is one of T2’s best selling and it’s for good reason! Anyone outside of Australia or Newzeland probably won’t get what I’m talking about but this tea tastes exactly like an ANZAC biscuit. This black tea has a combo of sweet oats and coconut with a hint of rose to finish. Made with Black tea, oat flakes, cocoa husks, cinnamon, coconut chips, natural and artificial flavouring, rose petals, vanilla it is simply breathtaking. I like to have mine with some soy milk since the nuttiness really makes it taste like an ANZAC biscuit. 

Cost: $14.00 100g Get it here.

1.  Mint Mix
My all-time favourite tea from T2 right now is Mint Mix. It is described as a combination of peppermint with the sweetness of spearmint and the subtle freshness of Lemon Verbena. Made with a blend of Peppermint, spearmint, lemon verbena this is definitely the best on a cold winters day or just before bed or when you are sick! I Love peppermint tea but after drinking this, all other peppermint teas just don’t do it for me anymore. I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse that I found this tea. 

Cost: $16.00 50g Get it here.

You guys should try T2 out! If you have let me know in the comments what your favourite tea is. If you haven’t tell me what tea you drink!

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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Best way to apply foundation

Hey, girl, just a little post today!  I know this isn’t a lifestyle tip but more of a beauty tip and it’s not a review so I thought it would be good to make a post about this for the Sunday life. I have been wanting to make a post about this for a while but was never sure how to make it meaningful. It’s more something I wish to share.


So this isn’t really a new technique it’s been a popular trend over YouTube last year that I’ve been testing for a while.

It’s putting press powder under your foundation. That’s right. Press powder first then foundation. Doesn’t this make you look wet? Nope!

But it doesn’t set! Your wrong! I find that my makeup looks more flawless and stays on longer this way! As someone with oily skin and big pores after a few hours of wearing any foundation, cheap or high end, I begin to shine. With this technique, no shine! I look as if I just put foundation on!

This can be drying however so I try to limit to special occasions. It does help keep your makeup on forever! I do recommend wearing a good quality primer to start with though.

Let me know if you guys have tried it!

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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