Review: Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub

Isn't coffee great? Not only is it good to drink it's also great for your skin. Frank started in Australia in 2013 and has been taking the world by storm ever since! An all natural coffee scrub with special combinations like coconut and cacao it's an exciting way to exfoliate My all-time favourite is the... Continue Reading →


The Korean Beauty Series. Part 2. Sheet Masks

Hey guys! This is the 2nd Part in the Korean Beauty and Skincare series I'm doing. Korean women are known for there radiant skin and natural beauty looks. Inspired but that and a little curious I set out on my own Korean beauty and skincare adventure. So I found that a big part of the... Continue Reading →

The Korean Beauty Series: Part 1. Korean Skincare Routine

Ever wondered how to get perfect skin like the models in your magazine? No you don't need photoshop you can get skin like that. But how? Let's take a look at Korea. Korean's are known globally for their near perfect skin and there's a good reason why. They go to great lengths in caring for... Continue Reading →

Living Sea Therapy Smooth Sea Flora Extract Body Polish

Living Sea Therapy is a window on Cornwall's unique geological past. It encapsulates Cornwall's underwater voyage, involving ancient rock dramas and mysterious kelp forests, that yield our cobalt waters and unique sea minerals. Working with our sister businesses, Cornish Sea Salt Co. and Cornish Seaweed Co. as well as a team of marine biologists, environmentalists... Continue Reading →

Vitamasque Bamboo Charchole Sheet Mask

Hey guys! Korean Sheet Masks. We all know about them. We all Love them. But are they worth it? I was lucky enough to receive the Vitasource Bamboo Charchole Sheet Mask in my November bellabox. Admittedly this isn't the first time I've used a Korean style sheet mask but it is the first time I've used... Continue Reading →

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector. A True life Saver for hard-working hands!

Everyone gets dry hands from time to time. Whether it's from hard work or too much weight lifting its a common problem that no one likes! For me, when I was working in a bar I would always get cracked hands from the Yeast in the Beer. Now I work in a cafe and find... Continue Reading →

The Silk Oil of Morocco Pure Argan oil for Lush Hair and Soft Skin

Ever wondered how to get beautifully silky hair or amazingly soft skin? Wonder no more because I have found the secret to both and it comes in two handy little bottles! The Silk Oil of Morocco Pure Argan oil and the Silk Serum are truly a godsend! Made from an Australian company and not a Moroccan company... Continue Reading →

What’s the best Lush Bath Bomb?

Who doesn't love a good bath bomb and where better to get one from the holy grail of bath bombs- Lush! That's right today I'm telling you about my top 3 Favourite Lush Bath bombs. I am Lush crazy and I have tried almost every bath bomb in their range. They are all amazing but these... Continue Reading →

My Daily Routine- The key to getting rid of adult acne.

Get ready guys this is going to be a long post but worth it for all you guys who have suffered from adult acne!! I’ve suffered from adult acne for 3 years now and found it quite embarrassing! Whilst every other 20 something around my age has the flawless skin I’m looking like I’m going... Continue Reading →

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