Blaq Meteor Shower Body Scrub

It's me again! Time for another review yay! In a bellabox I got in February (yes that is how far back I write my posts before publishing) I received the blaq meteor shower body scrub! What is it It claims to be a body scrub filled with actual meteors from out of space. But it... Continue Reading →


La Rocher-Posay Nutritive Oil

I've never really been one to use a nutritive oil. Hell, I didn't even know what a nutritive oil was until I received the La Rocher-Rosay Nutritive Oil in my January Bellabox. But man oh man was I missing out. This shit is the BOMB. For this post, I'm gonna try something different. I am... Continue Reading →

Peppermint Grove Wild Jasmine & Mint Hand Cream

Peppermint Grove is a brand I have seen in all gift shops but it never really interested me since it's kind of pricey. My amazing best friend, however, got me this beautiful hand cream for Christmas! As a barista, my hands get very dry from all the washing, heat, cleaning chemicals and the coffee so... Continue Reading →

The Art Of Face Masks V- DIY Face Masks

Everyone loves a good DIY project here and there. Coincidentally everyone also loves a good face mask. So what better than to combine the two and make your own face mask! I love a DIY face mask. You know exactly whats going into the mask, exactly what does and doesn't work for you and its... Continue Reading →

The Art of Face Masks I. History of Face Masks

Welcome to the start of my 5 part mini-series on The Art of Face Masks. For the next two weeks ill be talking all things face masks from the history of face masks, benefits, what mask is for you, face mask do's and don'ts and DIY recipes. I've been researching and working on this for... Continue Reading →

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