The Announcment!!!



Hi guys,
So today isn’t so much a review but more an announcement. But first, we will start with the bad news. The bad news is that I will be dropping my posts to once a week. Why? University, Work, Life and my new business is taking up a lot of time so I can’t write as much as I would like to. This hopefully will change when things settle down and I will be able to write 2-3 times a week again!

I did kind of mention it just then- My new business. That’s right I have a business. I am making soap. I did a post about soap making a few weeks ago in my monthly must-haves and well it’s just kind of taken off!

The business is called Peachy Soaps Co. Inspired by the name Pretty Peach Reviews. I make custom soap and random soaps of my own designs. As of right now, I AM SOLD OUT of my pre-made soap designs so if you were wanting to order there is a little wait. I am really excited to venture into this new part of my life since soap making is so fun and running a business is a challenge I have always wanted to do! I hope you will all support me through this journey.


You can buy my soap on facebook by going to or you can email me at


Just because I am not blogging as much doesn’t mean I will stop completely so never fear, I am still here!

That’s all from me and I will see you next week!


8 thoughts on “The Announcment!!!

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  1. I too love your soaps . Pretty peach the very best of luck you are such a inspiration to us all. If you want something in life you have to chase it.
    Hope your soap business becomes a hit. 😊

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