Float Pods! What even are they?


This is a review still! I swear. Okay so over the next few weeks I am pretty busy with work and uni so you’re just going to have to deal with these type of posts for a while. I get home too late to take photos so no product reviews for a while. Sorry! But the show must go on so let’s talk about one of my favourite pass times….floating!

What is floating?
These little pods have been popping up everywhere over the last few years but everyone I talk to them about seems to be really confused and intrigued about them. So a flotation pod/tank/isolation tank, whatever you want to call it is a tank filled with a heap of Epson salt and water. The place that I go to has tanks that have 200 gallons of Epson salt dissolved into the water which confuses me but sure. They come in many different shapes and are all quite big yet shallow.

The aim of the float pod is to well float and relax. The salt water is heated to body temperature so it’s not hot or cold. Because there is so much salt the water pushes you up so you don’t need to worry about drowning or trying to float. 

Once you are in the pod it is completely black and completely silent making it the perfect place to relax! A normal session is about 1 hour and at that time it is normal to fall asleep. I often fall asleep during my sessions. 

Whats the point of floating?
So whats the point of floating? It has many benefits actually! First of all, it helps with stress, anxiety and helps you sleep. Being alone in a black room with no sound that feels like nothing is very very comforting. If you do a float at night like I do I find I always sleep like a baby since I am so relaxed.

Floating is also very good for pain relief since the water helps relax the muscles and the Epson salt contains magnesium which further aids in muscle repairing. The Epson salt can also help with headaches and migraines.

The best thing it does is for your skin. The water solution helps get rid of pimples and leaves your skin feeling very soft. BE CAREFUL THO THIS SHIT BURNS YOUR EYES AND CUTS LIKE HELLLLL. Every time I go into the pod I like to rub some water on my face and I always get it in my eyes and it is PURE PAIN. So like maybe not the best idea but if you have back acne then it would probably help.

Is it clean?
Yes, it is, each pod is designed to be filtered 3-5 times after use. You also shower before and after you enter the pod. But since there are such a high salt concentration and the heat is only at body temperature there is NO POSSIBLE WAY bacteria can survive so it’s pretty clean. 

Do I recommend it?
I sure do. I love to float. I wish I could float every week but it is pretty expensive but I find it so relaxing! It is definitely a strange yet relaxing experience that I recommend everyone gives a shot at least once in their life.

Have you tried this before? Let me know in the comments.

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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