Shopping in Melbourne I stumbled upon this shop called M Plaza which sells Korean cosmetics, cool I thought so I walked in and that is when I saw it. JELLYCHU.


Jellychu is a jelly modelling mask that you mix yourself. They have three types, soothing, hydration and toning. I wasn’t actually able to find this anywhere online, no reviews, no place to buy it which excited me. I had to have it. Now knowing nothing about it other then I am going to mix it up and put it on my face it was a fun experience. I think the brand is #BEAUSTA but again after a quick search, I couldn’t find anything about it. Interesting.

So I got the moisture bomb one which is the blue one since not only is everything written in Korean, I have no damn idea what this will be like so it seemed the safest option. 


In the packaging, you get this blue pill like thing which has the face mask powder and jelly. They are labelled 1 and 2 so you know which order to put them in. You also get a little spatula to mix it in the blue pill thing. This mask has two bags of each item meaning two applications but I think could maybe get four, but I will explain more about that in a second. 


BEWARE THIS PART IS MESSY. Now the fun part. The application. So you pour the content of sachet 1 into the blue pill which is the jelly stuff and then you pour the sachet labelled 2 with the blue powder into the jelly and mix really fast. The lady at the shop told me to work fast once opened and I  can see why. They powder activates the jelly and it sets.

I started off using the spatula but found that it was too small so I ended up using my hand. THERE WAS SO MUCH JELLY. My face was fully coated and I still had more than enough to make another damn mask but I just kept applying, and applying, and applying until I had none left. It felt really strange. The jelly was cold and kept moving but it’s quite sticky so it doesn’t move that much.


Once it is all on you just need to sit back for 30 minutes and relax. I recommend laying down because the sensation that the jelly is moving is way too freaky for my liking. 

The jelly had no smell but the blue powder had a minty smell, it was very subtle but very very relaxing.

So this cool little kit costs $20 which isn’t too bad at all. I haven’t actually found a jelly mask before so I was pretty happy with this price. I would link you where to get it but like I said I can’t find it anywhere.

Now for what you really want to know. Did it turn into a jelly peel off face mask? Yes, yes it did. After about 20 minutes it started to feel really weird on my face, that was because it had turned into a jelly face mask that y9ou can peel off, which let me tell you it was very satisfying. 


Afterwards, my face had a weird residue on it so I rinsed it off. I found that the next day my skin felt really soft but it did make me break out.

I would, however, like to try the other two to see how they go! It was really fun and refreshing. I actually did it with my best friend and it made a great sleep overactivity, it was pretty hilarious. 


Do you guys have any recommendations for jelly face masks? 

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx

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  1. Fantastic blog prettypeach where do you found all those products???
    Your blog is packed full of great information.
    Like I said time after time love love love

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