Innisfree Hall


This post is going to be a little different. I plan on reviewing each thing separately so stay tuned for that.

Recently an Innisfree store opened in Melbourne. Now I am in love with Innisfree but shipping is hella expensive so I always tried to limit what I got from there web store. But let me tell you I lashed out. And I mean a $200 worth of lashing out at Innisfree.

Innisfree is a South Korean beauty and skincare brand that focuses on creating natural ingredients to not only make their makeup and skincare but to create there bottles and items which I think is super cool! They are actually the first Natural Korean Brand! 

So not only do they have awesome products which I will go into soon, there rewards program is pretty cool as well. I am a sucker for a rewards program! So they have 3 levels, a welcome membership, a green and a green VIP. In a welcome membership all you need to do is buy something and sign up and you will get a FREE facemask, face cream, eye cream and a face serum! To become a Green member you need to spend $150 within a year and you also get a birthday kit (which I will let you know what that is when it is my birthday). To become a green VIP you need to spend $300 within 1 year and you will get the birthday kit and a VIP kit which I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THAT IS. What makes it even more exciting is that for every 60/90/120 dollars you spend you get a free deluxe sample to try! 

They also have recycling incentives. For every 1 bottle, you return you get 50 points which I think is a really good idea since it promotes being green. Anywho enough of that. Onto the hall!


So as you can see I got quite a bit, I think overall for what I spend I did pretty well.

I got a lot of these little tubs of masks. These are the 4 different types of sleeping masks they have. They also have normal types. I really like these sleeping masks because for such a small pot you can get about 6-7 applications and their so affordable! Lately, I just don’t have time to do a facemask so I find these sleep masks a little miracle. (The ones with a green line are the pots that I have opened)


Next, I got these two face masks and one serum. So these are the deluxe samples for spending $60/90/120. So for $60 you get 1, for $90 you get 2 and for $120 you get there. I was super happy with these. You can also buy them if you want. There pretty affordable as well. I haven’t tried the face masks yet but I have used the serum and you can get about 3-4 decent applications from it!


Something I have always wanted to try is their foundation! So I did. I think its really cool because not only do they have a big range of colours, you can choose your coverage level and the finish. So anything ending in a 1 is light coverage, anything ending in a 3 is medium coverage and anything ending in a 5 is full coverage. Now the number at the front is the Finnish. 1 is matte, 2 is satan and 3 is dewy. I got full coverage satan in the shade N27. I like how I can have the option to change the finish by buying different types of foundation in the exact same shade! 


Now, something I have been in dire need of is new makeup brushes. My old ones were about 6 years old..oops. These brushes are not only recyclable but they are amazing! So they are a little pricey but if you buy them one by one it’s not to bad. They sadly don’t have a set which is why I only got 4. Another I love which you can see I have already used is there foundation stamp. That’s right A STAMP! It’s a makeup sponge but you stamp on the foundation. I find that this actually works better than my beauty blender and is waaaay cheaper! I am really excited to review this one! 


Another thing I have been meaning to buy is eye cream. I have one that I have been using for a while and it’s okay it does its job but I was wanting to branch out. That’s when I got the green tea eye and face ball. So you can use this as a whole face serum if you want but I prefer to use it just under my eyes. 


It’s no Korean hall without a face mask! I had to get one. I got their lime face mask which I am happy to report has already been used and smells AMAZING! 


The final thing I got was my membership rewards pack which comes with a green tea face mask, Green tea seed cream, green tea eye cream and green tea seed serum. 


I am so excited to review all of this stuff over the next few months!

That’s all from me. 
Until next time xxx
Sign Off


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  1. How wonderful these products are just awesome. Thanks for another great post I will have to try them as the way up wrote about them they are really worth it.
    Keep up the great work on your blog like Kathy love your blog.

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