Wildberry Blur Concealer!


Girls with acne, skin imperfections and black eyes rejoice. I have found a concealer that not only does its job but is infused with  Coconut Water and WildBerry that adds nutrients and hydration to your skin!

This little bad boy also has Raw Cacao that improves skin texture and Chia Seed to fight free radicals. What is the concealer called you ask? Its the Wildberry Blur Concealer by Raww Cosmetics of course!

Now I have a video on this Concealer as well as the Mineral Powder and the Mascara by Raww all in this video below. For those of you who feel like reading great! Continue on!

As with true Raww Cosmetic style, this concealer has the same wooden look that I love. I was super surprised when I opened this. I was expecting a stick applicator and not a pump! I normally don’t like pumps because I feel like they pump out too much but this gives you just the right amount of product. 


I find that this concealer applies super well. It just melts into your skin and covers EVERYTHING! The only issue is the shade. I find that despite being the lightest colour it is still too dark for me. Neither the less it does not move any of my foundation which is a massive win for me!

Being a natural superfood chared product you’d expect a smell. This concealer has a super strong smell which can be a little overpowering. It’s not a bad smell if anything its quite nice but when you are smelling it for a while it can get a bit sickly. 

This concealer only comes in two shades which I find very disappointing! Compared to may other beauty brands nowadays 2 shades is quite sad.

Coming in at $24.99 I think that it an amazing price for a concealer. You can get it here. 

Whilst the shade of this concealer was a little dark for me I think its pretty good. The smell is quite strong and lasts a while but the coverage is AMAZING! You only need a little! I hope that they bring out more shades and tone down on the smell since I think that this would be a massive hit if they did!

That’s all from me.
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