Raww Cosmetics Mascara


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As someone who physically cannot apply fake lashes (Glue always goes EVERYWHERE), a good quality mascara is a must! Whats better then a good quality mascara is a good quality mascara that is natural AND full of superfoods!

Raww Cosmetics has us covered! There Moringa Lash Impact Mascara is full of good stuff like Chia Seeds and Argan Oil! in fact 87% of it is all natural! This mascara also helps promote lash growth! Sign me up!

I really love Raww’s packaging. The wooden look gives it that whole natural feel. I also like how they keep it consistent across all of their products so you can easily identify them. I am a sucker for design.


So when I first saw the wand I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I haven’t had the best experiences with thin wands but I was wrong. This wand applies the mascara so well! It covers every lash super fast. The only issue I have with this mascara is that it drys super fast so if you want to add more, your eyelashes are hard and crunchy and the wand gets stuck so make sure you apply the amount you want first go!

What I really like about Raww Cosmetics is that fact that all of their products smell so damn good! This mascara as a super strange yet satisfying fruity smell. I recognise it but can’t quite explain it. On the Raww website, says that it smells like coconut, vanilla and lime but I am not sure. I think it smells more like mangos but that’s just me.


So this mascara comes in two shades, a black and a brown. I am not really a brown mascara type of girl so I’m not in a real rush to give it a shot but the black one is AMAZING. It is the blackest mascara that I have ever used and I am super impressed!

Coming in at $24.99 I think that is a killer for a good quality mascara. You can get it here. 

This mascara lasts all day! It doesn’t clump together and applies on both the top and bottom lashes super well. It is super black, probably the blackest mascara I have ever had and I love it! It almost gives you the effects of fake lashes! Plus with the added benefit of all the superfoods, it must be good for you!

Do you guys think you’d try this mascara? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hey pretty peach just finished reading and watching your blog thoses Raww products sound great. l must give them ago thanks for another great post 😘

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