Zoeva Opulence Blush Palette


If you haven’t heard about Zoeva then where have you been? Do you live under a rock? Zoeva is probably one of my favourite brands right now. I was actually lucky enough to be given the Opulence collection (Minus the brushes but hey I am not complaining).

I have already reviewed the opulence eyeshadow palette which you can read about here. In the opulence collection, there is the eyeshadow palette, the blush palette and the brushes which are actually pretty cute. 

The blush palette contains a blush, a highlighter and a bronzer. I was a little confused as to why this is called a blush palette since its more of a face palette but we will just go with it. 

This whole collection is decorated with the beautiful floral pattern on a black background with gold accents which I think is stunning! Again the inside does not have a mirror which is very disappointing. I think I have a thing for mirrors to be totally honest with you. 

What really surprised me is that this palette the shades had names YAY! I love names. Most Zoeva shades don’t have names which makes me really sad but these ones do.


Let’s start with the true star of this palette, the blush! I love blush and this blush OH WOW. IT HAS GOLD SPECS IN IT. Sorry I got excited. The blush is called underneath the gold which I find quite fitting. It’s a beautiful deep red and uhg I’m so sad you can’t see it on the camera but it is beautiful! It is very pigmented so be careful when you apply it. The first time I applied it I looked like I was sunburnt because well I’m used to blush being not very pigmented. I think that this red would look the best on people with tanned skin tones since its so deep and pigmented but I am quite light and it looks nice on me too. I recommend playing around with how much you apply. 

The Bronzer called impossible to move is admittedly not something that I really would use. Not because its bad, It is actually very good for bronzing and contouring, I just don’t use bronzer. I did try it out and it blends very nicely and has a natural glow rather than that really orange look so if you like bronzer then I say go for it!

The highlighter named do not touch, admittedly I thought was the same as the one in the Winter Strobe Spectrum Palette but it’s not. The strobe spectrum one is silver whilst this is a light gold/champagne shade. It complements the blush beautifully since the blush is so dark and has gold shimmers the two combined just makes the skin look stunning. 


I think that using everything in this palette is the best option since they all complement each other so well (yes even the bronzer). I find that they all blend super easily and with no effort.

The blush is very pigmented so I would be careful. I like to apply the bronzer first and then the blush and then the highlighter. I find that the highlighter is quite pigmented too and has a super high shine which, when applied on top of the blush can calm the blush down if you apply too much. The bronzer isn’t very pigmented which is what you want with a bronzer. There is nothing worse than looking too orange thanks to a bronzer. 

I find that all the powders are very finely milled and almost feel cream like, the same as the eyeshadow which really confuses me! I don’t understand how a powder can feel like cream its just a weird sensation. 


So the overall price for this palette alone is amazing. I think its more affordable to buy a palette rather than an individual high-quality blush, highlighter and bronzer. This palette is $22.50 which is amazing! You can get it here. You can also have a look at the whole opulence collection here. 

I really love this palette. I use the Blush and the Highlighter every day because it is just so convenient to have the two together. I also find that the pans are quite large and seem to be quite deep (I will let you know) which is really good since its value for money!

I highly recommend you guys try this! Let me know in the comments if you have tried any Zoeva products before! 

That’s all from me.
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Please note that products in this post have been received by PR. Regardless of this these opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links in this post.


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  1. Oh my god love love love this product I really need to get it thanks prettypeach great information enjoy reading your blog keep up the great work 😘

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  2. This product sounds so good , l really need to try it as for the colours they are beautiful thank you prettypeach yet again another fantastic review 😘

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  3. Oh my goodness what great blog just love these particular items of makeup and as for the overall product they look amazing. Will be going out to get me some really soon. Thanks again for another amazing blog keep up the great work.

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