July Must Haves


It’s that time of the month again! My monthly must-haves! This month is all about natural beauty products! I hope you enjoy!

*Please note that this post DOES NOT contain any affiliate links im just helpful!*

Innisfree Sleeping Masks
An Innisfree just opened up in Melbourne and I was so excited! When I went in there I found these amazing little sleep mask pods which ARE ONLY $4! What makes these little pods better is that you can get 3-4 applications out of them! They have normal wash off face masks to but I have always been intrigued by sleeping masks! 

You can get them here. 

Raww Cosmetics Mineral Powder
Something that I have been loving (and has done a review on which you can read here) is the Raww Cosmetics from the earth loose mineral powder. Not only is it infused with so many good for your skin ingredients but it is waterproof!

You can get it here.

Lush Bath bombs
Right now in Australia, it is the middle of winter which calls for bath bombs! I am loving the lush jelly bath bombs they are just to die for! My all-time favourite bath bomb, however, is Sakura!

You can have a sus at all the bathbombs here.

Innisfree build your own compact!
So one thing that I found in the Melbounre Innisfree store is that you could build your own compact! Choose your foundation type (liqued or powder), your case and your applicator! Sadly this is only offered in store but it is something that I need to try! I mean have a look at all these cute compact cases that you can choose from!

Do you guys have any monthly reccomendations? Let me know down in the comments!

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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