What To Post When You Don’t Know What To Post?


Recently I have been going through some wicked writer’s block. I mean I know I mainly do product reviews but I try to make them interesting. Just knowing if a product is good or bad isn’t enough for me. I want my words to be colourful and entertaining. It’s also why I have this Sunday lifestyle post. To break up the writing and get creative but I have also been stuck on what to write here. 


When you’re stuck you also become unmotivated which is where I am right now. I mean I love my blog so much and I love to write but I am currently in a massive runt. So the question stuck in my head for ages has been what to write when you don’t know what to write? And last night it hit me. Here is my list of what to write when you don’t know what to write. 

  1. A Post like this with a whole heap of ideas that you haven’t tried for you and others to refer back to!
  2. Blogging tips.
  3. Personality Quiz (This is something I might do later on so I am not going to explain this one) 
  4. Your favourite drugstore makeup.
  5. 10 things to boost your mood.
  6. Favourite Instagram/Twitter/Bloggers.
  7. Favourite recipes.
  8. Beauty/Life Hacks.
  9. Chat about your life experiences.
  10. Let’s try Pinterest DIY.
  11. Get ready with me.
  12. Your best and worst blog post and why you think that.
  13. Break down the cost of your beauty/skincare routine.
  14. Student Life Tips.
  15. How to start a blog.
  16. How to hashtag on social media.
  17. How to balance your work life, social life, blog life, student life.
  18. Best gifts.
  19. Why self-care is important.
  20. How to break a habit.
  21. Host a Q&A on your socials and make a post about it.
  22. Talk about your blogging goals.
  23. Interview your favourite bloggers!
  24. Your favourite yoga routine.
  25. Your favourite hobby other than blogging story!

I hope these ideas helped you. I think they will help me. I also found out that lots of other people write lists like this which is actually pretty cool so there are always places you can get inspiration from!

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx.

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4 thoughts on “What To Post When You Don’t Know What To Post?

Add yours

  1. Hey pretty peach your blog is definitely not boring it’s full of lots of great information. I really really love reading your blog every week.
    I have always want to do my own blog but just don’t no we’re to start . Keep up the great work. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There is some great ideas here, thanks for sharing. I think we can all get a little stuck or lost sometimes with our blogs. I always walk away from my blog for a couple of days and the fog usually clears. I also find reading things like magazines can make fresh ideas spring in. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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