Zoeva Winter Spectrum

Hi, Guys me again! For those of you who can’t be bothered reading feel free to watch the video! If not continue reading!

If you don’t know about Zoeva then where the hell have you been? Their products are popping up everywhere and I am so excited that this brand is finally getting the hype it deserves! One thing that I am a massive fan of is their strobe spectrum collection, I mean who doesn’t love a good highlighter, let alone a palette of 4 of them!

So far the strobe spectrum collection has a spring, summer and winter spectrum. The Spring Spectrum is more pastel highlights whilst the summer are more your bronzed highlights but the winter spectrum is a true masterpiece.

The Zoeva winter strobe spectrum features some very different yet vibrant and daring colours that just work so well in an everyday look and I am in love!

So let’s start off with the shades, shall we? The shades in the winter strobe spectrum are hella cute. It has your typical champagne colour highlight and your pale pink highlight which, yes their good classic highlight colours but they have been done time and time again. The two other shades in this palette are what really make me go wow!

The lovely ice blue and the beautiful purple are where it is really at. Now, these are colours that you don’t normally think of when it comes to a highlighter, I mean who wants a blue face? But let me tell you this is what the highlighting game has been missing. The pop of colour in the highlight gives you a whole different glow and it is simply stunning!


I love the packaging of this. Whilst it is the same as the other two spectrums I think that the packaging was done well. The matte black with the shiny writing makes me that much more excited to use it. I think I am a low key design freak since I seem to enjoy a product more if the packaging is nice. Are you guys like that or am I just crazy?

One thing that does make me sad is the fact that these shades don’t have any names. I love reading the names of shades I find it so amusing.

Trust me when I say a little goes a long way. The powder is so finely milled that it just melts into your skin amazingly giving you an amazing glow. One little swipe and you’ll have a beautiful glow. I like to wear a lot of highlighters but I dislike when I look like I am wearing glitter on my face. With this, you can build it up and still have that lovely glow.

I find that whilst these highlighters are quite pigmented, they don’t look strange on the skin. I have a warm undertone (sometimes I almost look yellow, I swear) and found that the purple gave me a glowing blushy feel, whilst the blue not only made my eyes pop but made my undertone look cooler.

Coming in at $37.00AUD I think that is an amazing price for not 1 but 4 highlighters! You can get it here. 

Have you guys tried any of the spectrums? Let me know in the comments!

That’s all from me.
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  1. Hey pretty peach I just watch your video you did such a great job on reviewing the product . Sounds great love the colours. Now l know what you look like and you are pretty like a peach thanks again I always love reading your blog.😉

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