Revlon Sculpt and Highlight


This whole sculpting, contouring craze has always confused me. Not only did I find it useless (since I didn’t know how to do it properly) but I didn’t really understand it. When I got ahold of the Revlon Sculpt and Highlight kit I do have to admit I was a little scared but I was willing to give it a go!

The Revlon Sculpt and Highlight kit is a contouring kit that helps enhance bone structure and give the Illusion of higher cheekbones! Wow, how can makeup do that I always ask? This kit has 4 shades and cute little instructions on how to apply to allow for you to get that beautiful high cheek amazing bone structure look! 

I really like the way that Revlon has designed this. The packaging is small enough to take anywhere. It fits nicely in my makeup bag. Inside it has a mirror which makes it AMAZING. I love not having to bring a mirror as well as everything else when I go somewhere!

I really like how Revlon gives you a little chart on how to apply everything. I don’t really contour at all mainly because I don’t know how to and it was too much effort to learn something that I didn’t really care about. But with this little chart, I was able to learn! I admittedly still don’t use contour but I found out I was applying my highlighter wrong.

So in this kit, there is a Highlighter, Bronzer, Banana Powder and Contour. I like how all the colours are suited for most skin tones. I think that the only skin tones that this would not suit are my dark skinned girls. They do however have another Palette for you darker ladies so don’t stress! Everything in this kit is powder. It isn’t as thin as eyeshadow or as thick as a compressed mineral powder. It’s sort of in the middle which is very unique in my opinion. 

Coming in at $24.99 it is a pretty good deal for not one but 4 different powders that you can use! You can get it here. 

I am really digging this sculpting kit. It has all you need in one neat little package and has the info you need to learn. I think that this is a great product for those of you who are new to makeup or those of you (me) who suck at sculpting! For the price and the amount you get and how well they apply, it’s almost too good to be true!

Have you guys tried this?

That’s all from me.
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