From The Earth Loose Mineral Powder- The More Natural Option that I prefer!


Hey guys. This is something I have wanted to review for a while. The Raww Cosmetics brand. I have three products from there but I think that I am best to review them separately and maybe make a youtube video about it so stay tuned! 

But first Who is Raww Cosmetics?
They are a natural, 100% cruelty-free cosmetic brand that specialises in using superfoods to make beauty, skincare and even nail polish! What makes them even better is the fact that they are an Australian owned company!! 

I have seen them around A lot and always been intrigued by them so I finally decided to give them a shot! I got there From The Earth Natural Mineral Powder in the shade Nude. I was wanting a new translucent setting powder but they didn’t have any so I thought I’d give this a shot! 

Their loose mineral powder is infused with Coconut, Goji Berry, Cranberry and Kaolin Clay to refine the texture and appearance of skin, plus it’s SPF15.  This beauty is available in 6 shades. Fun fact. This stuff is waterproof too!


I really love there packaging. All of there packaging has a similar theme. The wood theme lid to give the whole natural feel is something that I really like. This powder comes in a fairly big pot. It does have the little shakey no mess thing but I couldn’t get the sticker off with my nails so I just ripped the thing off. 

I really like the way that this applies. It has been a long time since I last wore mineral powder and that’s because all I can remember is the fact it would make me look like I am wearing coloured flour on my face. With this though I am amazed. It just melts into the skin leaving a flawless colour and glow! There is no powdery feel once on the face at all and I really really like it! The way it makes my skin look and the way it applies. I am very impressed!

This mineral powder seems to be very finely milled and very densely packed which is awesome cause you get a whole heap of product! 


Okay, so the coolest thing about this brand is the fact that their products are made with superfoods. Superfoods have amazing smells so guess what so does Rawss products! This mineral powder you can really smell the coconut in it. It also has a faint smell of lime and vanilla it is amazing. That’s right AMAZING!


Coming in at $34.99 it’s not cheap but it’s not expensive. For a natural brand, however, I think its a great price! You can get it here! By the way, they also have afterpay!!!

I am in love! I love the way this feels on my face. I love for all Raww stand for and I love love love the smell of this! I highly recommend it to everyone! I find that this stuff is good to bake with or even use on its own depending if you feel like a lighter coverage or not. 

Do you guys think that you’d try Raww?

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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17 thoughts on “From The Earth Loose Mineral Powder- The More Natural Option that I prefer!

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  1. Oh my goodness just love this brand need to get some as it ticks all the right boxes. Would you think this beauty products are good for mature age skin.
    Keep up the great work on your beauty blog.


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