Things you are doing that are negatively effecting your blog!


Blogging can be tough. All the pressure to get followers and likes and being disheartened when you’re not getting noticed. We have all been there! But did you know there are a few things that you are doing that are negatively affecting your blog?!

Comparing your blog with others
It’s good to look at other big bloggers for inspiration but when you compare your blog to theirs…that’s where things go wrong. I know I have done this when I first started. I tried to be similar to other blogs. My own creativity and things I wanted to do I avoided because to me it didn’t seem like it would get likes.

My following is low and I really didn’t like that. I wanted to be seen and heard. I wanted people to like me so I tried to mimic popular blogs (those posts were deleted now since it wasn’t true to myself). Never do this. You’ll become too obsessed with trying to be something your not and your readers can tell that your fake and not into it.

Expecting to be popular
Look the trust is to become popular you’re either really lucky or you work hard. Most people who work hard won’t see results for years. I have only been blogging for seven months now so I’m still quite new. I’m okay with having a small following but I wasn’t before. I remember when I first started my very first post got no views in the first week. I got so upset and wanted to give up. I’m so glad I didn’t.

Not sharing your work on other social media sites
Most of my views come from outside WordPress. I always Advertise my posts on Twitter Pinterest Tumblr LinkedIn and Instagram. This can be quite hard to remember to do and it’s important not to overshare. I use buffer to schedule all of my posts and I try to add a nice combo of random posts and advertising on my blog to break it up!

Researching how to get more followers
This is something I use to spend hours doing. Every article I have read and I have read a lot never told me anything I already didn’t know/wasn’t doing. There’s no magic way to get 1000’s of followers overnight. It takes time so instead of wasting hours on finding out how to gain followers you may as well focus on producing great content!

Not being passionate
If you’re not passionate about your blog then what’s the point of doing it? I have been lucky enough to get sent products via pr. I have always had a hobby of testing new products. It was something I do for fun. When my friends found out I was getting things for free they wanted to start a blog to also get things for free. Don’t do this!! If your only motive is to get free things then I’m sorry but you won’t. Readers and company’s alike can tell if your genuine and passionate or just a scab. Blogging takes a lot of time so if your not passionate don’t bother!

Not being SEO friendly
Now this is a big one! SEO means search engine optimization which makes it easier for google to find you and rank you higher on searches. This is something I have only just learnt about and started doing and it is really helpful! There is a lot to it and I’m still learning so I recommend a good old google search on how to optimize your blog!

These are my tips on things that may be holding you back.

I hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx

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