Perfect Stylist Eyes


Hey guys. I want you to get excited I have something big planned for the coming weeks but for now, your just going to have to wait. Today, however, we are going to be doing another canmake review yay!

Perfect Stylist Eyes
The Perfect Stylist Eyes palette suggest that it gives you two looks in one palette. Really the possibilities are endless but the instructions on the back only show how to do two different looks. The description suggests that it’s a moist powder formula that goes onto your eyelids smoothly and clings on to your skin for a long-lasting wear. Interesting.

This plattee comes in 10 different types!

So keeping in mind that the product description suggests that it’s a moist powder I am here to inform you that it is not moist.  Let’s stop saying moist now, shall we? It is a dry powder that is finely milled that contains big chunks of glitter and shimmer. Now as with all shimmers and glitters the best way to apply them is with your fingers to get more coverage. I found with a brush it was quite difficult to get much colour but with your fingers, it worked well. They blended in easily to each other using a brush and your fingers which look being real with you I prefer using my fingers for eyeshadow. 

What is unique about canmake is the fact that they have instructions about how to apply the eyeshadow on the back. Have a look!

As you can see there is a lot going on here. But I like the idea of having a guide on how to apply it. 

So depending on the palette you get the shades are quite different. The palette I have is number 12 dreaming flowers which is decribed from the canmake website as ”Sweet, subtle pastel shades. For a sexy gaze with a hint of mystery♥” Thats right with a heart at the end. 

So all of these shades are shimmery. There are no matte shades which can be sometimes hard to work with. These shades are not very pigmented but they do add a nice subtle hint of colour and a whole lot of shine. 

The packaging of this is similar to the last canmake palette I reviewed (which you can click here to veiw). Small and plastic with a whole lot of colours. I find it very girly and I guess kawai since it is Japanese afterall. When I think of Japanese products this is the classic type of packaging I would think of. I think its super cute and I like how it’s small enough to carry around. You know me. I like to be able to bring makeup with me. 

This palette is $15.00 AUD from W Cosmetics.

So I tried to follow the instructions. Keep in mind I suck at eyeshadow……

Yeah so it didn’t go to well for me but I think its more they way I applied it rather then the instructions. 

Id love to hear if you guys have tried this! Let me know in the comments.

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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Please note that products in this post have been received by PR. Regardless of this these opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links in this post.


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