The Ultimate Acne Hiding Products


Before I start I just want to give a shout out to Hannah from Her blog is all about lifestyle and her worldly travels! I especially love to read about where she is in the world since I have always wanted to travel. 

Anywho onto today’s post!

If your skin is anything like mine was I know the embarrassment and all the effort it takes to hide those pesky red lumps to feel good about yourself.

I’m not saying acne is something to feel bad about but let’s be real here. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves and it’s the little things they notice on each other that makes them feel insecure. For me, it was and still is my adult acne. Whilst my acne is gone I still have red pigmentation that I still feel embarrassed about.

I have tried countless products both expensive and cheap but have found that these two items are all you need! And what makes it even better is that they are from E.L.F Cosmetics.

This post is going to be a little different compared to how I usually review things but trust me unless you want a massive post this is the best way to do it so bear with me!

What I like to use are these two products. The E.L.F Cosmetics colour corrector and the E.L.F Cosmetics stick concealer. Green actually helps counterbalance the appearance of redness and no don’t worry you won’t have green skin!

Let’s start with the colour corrector stick. This green stick comes in the form of a cream. You apply it under concealer and foundation to the parts of your face that are red. You don’t need much and I recommend applying it and blending it out. It won’t look like it’s doing much other than making your face green but trust me. It helps! after that, you can either apply your usual foundation or if you are wanting a more natural look or like I am lazy sometimes, you can apply concealer.

So on the days that I don’t feel like or have time to apply foundation I like to wear a little bit of concealer. I have two shades. One that is my skin tone and one that is lighter. When I wear foundation I use the one that is lighter but when I wear concealer only then I use the one that matches my skin tone.

So once I have applied my colour correction and blended it out I like to apply my concealer on top. I like this concealer because it is very thick and covers well however it is hard to blend out!

Once you have blended out you can’t see the green anymore and there will be no red showing through!

As you can see from the top image which has been blended out with the colour corrector and the concealer and the second image with nothing on my hand that it blends out well. I do have. A slight bruise on my hand and it’s been covered well and you can’t really tell that there’s makeup on!

What’s your acne hiding hack?

That’s all from me!
Until next time xxx

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  1. Hey there pretty peach great information. I have very bad skin I have try everything but not this product I really need to give it a go sounds fantastic thanks so much 😉


  2. Hi pretty peach I got the product that you write about in your blog it is amazing my skin looks fantastic thank you sooooo very much 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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