The Eyeshadow You Need If You Suck At Applying Eyeshadow

Following on with my newly found Japanese cosmetics craze I have stumbled upon the cutest travel-sized eyeshadow palettes which I was so excited to try. This has made me become inspired to teach me how to do eyeshadow since I am the WORST at applying eyeshadow. 

What is the Canmake Juicy Pure Eyes Eyeshadow Palette?
Okay, I know the name sounds amusing but let’s not forget that these are Japanese so I’m sure it probably sounds cuter in Japanese. This cute little palette is so small that you can easily fit it in your pocket! The palette is in a little plastic box so don’t DROP IT. I dropped it before I took photos and I did crack the lid a little but the eyeshadow as okay (Few). 

It comes in 5 different small palettes each with three colours. The palette I got is called Juicy pure eyes (this was sent via PR just to let you know so I was kind of lucky since these colours are colours I’d use daily) that features browns and golds. I found looking into all these palettes they were more on the natural side with colours. 


By the looks of the palette, there is the main colour which I assume would be the base colour, a liner colour to line your waterline and something called a juicy coat souffle which at first confused me. 

After some playing around, I found out that A (the main colour) was, in fact, the base colour/transition colour, the colour they called the liner colour (B) was the outer corner shade and the juicy coat souffle (c) was the inner corner colour. 

What made it a little upsetting was that all the shades are shimmery despite not lotting shimmery in the pan. I thought only the Juicy coat souffle (sorry I love writing it it’s just so random) was the only shimmer shade and the other two were matte. I was wrong. However, to my surprise, it didn’t look bad or over the top at all. 


On the back, it has the order that you should apply these colours (which is written in Japanese, fun fact I studied Japanese at University, but the W cosmetic website where you can buy this shows the translation in English). As someone who struggles with eyeshadow, I found this to be a super helpful idea.

After working out what all the shade names meant and where they actually go it was actually pretty easy to apply. The diagram was super helpful. 


This cute little palette costs $15.00 which can be purchased from the W cosmetics website here. 

I was actually really happy with how the eyeshadow turned out. I am AWFUL at eyeshadow. I have no patience with blending and I often have no idea where the hell to actually put the eyeshadow colours to make them look good. With the diagram at the back, I found it super helpful to apply this so it would be perfect for those of you like me who struggle with eyeshadow.

I did find that the eyeshadows themselves were a little flakey and the Juicy coat souffle did not apply well with the brush so I recommend applying with your fingers. I find that to get the most out of shimmers using your fingers is a much better option anyways so that did not surprise me. The other two shades applied perfectly with a brush and blended out super fast. Make sure to tap the excess off your brush because they are a little flakey but I suspect this is due to them being shimmers rather than mattes.  

Overall I really liked them and I was super surprised at how the eyeshadow actually turned out! 


Let me know what you think of my eyeshadow look?

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx


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