June Must Haves

This month my must-haves are all Japanese beauty products I’d like to try. If you saw my post on Tuesday about the Canmake lip balm you’d know I have a new love for Japanese beauty products. Everything in my monthly must-haves can be purchased from W Cosmetics- wcosmetics.com.au


There are no affiliate links contained in this post. This is genuinely just a post about things I want to try.

As those who read my last post would know, canmake is my first Japanese beauty brand that I have tried and I am hooked. This has made me want to try more Japanese beauty products. Canmake has this thing called a Jelly Stick Gloss. Is it jelly? Is it lipgloss? I don’t know but the name sounds exciting I need to try it! You can also try it with me. You can get it here.

Another Canmake product that has sparked my interest is there colour change eyebrow. The Japanese focus on natural looking eyebrows which I personally prefer and all I use is eyeshadow. I have never used an eyebrow product since I don’t really need them. This, however, looks quite exciting and I think could work well for me. You can get it here.

One thing I really want to try is flavoured toothpaste. In Australia, the only flavour toothpaste we have is mint which yeah I guess that’s nice. I did, however, find a Raspberry flavoured toothpaste by Cafell which has really intrigued me. I am not sure how raspberry toothpaste would taste. You can also try it for yourself and get it here.

Have you guys tried any Japanese cosmetics? If so what can you recommend?

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx

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