The Eyeshadow Pallete That Everyone Loves

The Zoeva opulence palette has been popping up all over my socials lately and I just can’t seem to escape it. On top of that, I haven’t seen a bad review on it either which sparked my interest more. As my long-time followers would know, my eyeshadow skills need some work so I have never really lashed out on decent palettes. 

*This product was given to me via PR* When I got this I do have to admit I was pretty excited since I do want to get better at my eyeshadow skills.


The Opulence Eyeshadow Palette
This beautiful palette combines both Matte and Metallic shades resulting in an elegant yet trendy colour selection.  The rich hues and dramatic shades these shadows bring this palette to life reminding me of spring. The Zoeva Opulence palette has ten highly pigmented eyeshadow shades perfect for both natural and extravagant looks. From beautiful rosy copper hues to delicate ivory dahlias to the most vibrant of royal blue, the shade range on this palette is perfect for any occasion. 

What makes this eyeshadow even better is that it is full of vitamin E and is free of nasty parabens, mineral oils, perfume and phthalates making it delicate enough not to affect the skin around the eyes which is super important to me.

The packaging of this eyeshadow palette is breathtaking. The Black background with the beautiful flowers and the hint of gold running through the packaging gives this eyeshadow a luxurious feel. It also reminds me of spring as do all the colours in the palette. It has a beautiful sleeve that holds the palette closed which has the exact same design on it which I really like. Whilst there is no mirror in this palette which is kind of disappointing, the quote on the lid- sometimes more is simply more, is a nice touch. Reading it made me smile. 

The packaging and presentation of this palette is truly a work of art in itself. 



These eyeshadows have a lovely powdery soft texture. They are finely milled not only making the powder super soft but making it very easy to apply.

The colours in this palette are stunning.  I like how they go from light to dark with a nice range of whites, pinks, reds, blues, browns and purples. I really like how they all work well with each other and I think would match most skin tones. I am in love with Koh-I-Noor and Get your glory. Whilst they are both very bold colours I think that they are absolutely stunning.  

I recommend preparing your eyelids first with an eyeshadow primer or a concealer. I prefer concealer since I have dark eyes. Let it set and then apply the eyeshadow, blending softly. I find that all of the colours are highly pigmented and blend out super easily. 

There is little to no fallout and I found when blending it really does not take much effort. All of the colours blend in perfectly with each other making this a great palette for beginners and veterans to eyeshadow. 

Coming in at $40.00 AUD that is a pretty good deal for such amazing quality. You can get it here.

These eyeshadows are amazing. I love how they have a good range of colours as well as a nice spread of matte and shimmers. There isn’t any colour in this palette that I won’t use making this palette perfect. I have never really had a palette where all the colours are something I would use constantly. They blend so easily and I found it super easy to combine all different colours to make a look. I have done a few looks which I will post a tutorial on in the future.  


I can see why this palette is all the rage. It is so easy to use and the colours are stunning. I highly recommend this to everyone!! I think that all the colours would look good on most skin types! 

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  1. This eyeshadow pallet is awesome thanks for the information and I just love the way you did your eye shadow for this pallet. Will have to go out and purchase this pallet.
    Keep up this amazing blog.

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