The Cutest Japanese Lipbalm

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with all things Japanese. I love their culture, their food and their values. Despite my deep love for Japan I have never actually tried any Japanese cosmetics which now that I think about it is kind of silly. I mean my other love is beauty so why did I not think to combine the two in the past? Well, I did and I tell you what I do not regret it! 

Canmake is a cute Japanese cosmetic company! They make the cutest looking products that are actually really good! I find that Japanese beauty focuses more on the natural side with lots of pinks, peaches and shimmers to naturally enhance your features. I tried the Canmake stay-on balm.

Canmake Stay-on Balm
With the Canmake stay-on balm being my first experience into Japanese beauty I have to say I found it very unique. It’s a lip balm that is pigmented. Unlike most western pigmented lip balms that have a slight barely noticeable colour that fades super fast, the can make stay-on blam is very pigmented!

Not only does it provide much-needed moisture and UV protection to lips (which is a must) but it allows for that beautiful makeup finish. I like how its essential skincare or should I say lip care that’s makeup!

Let’s talk about their packaging. UHG IT IS SO CUTE. I love the fact that it’s so bright and happy with a beautiful floral pattern that reflects each shade. Unlike western products which focus more on a sleek luxury packaging, I like how this packaging has its own cute personality!

The lip balm itself comes in the classic wind up, cream bullet for easy application. I prefer when lip balms come in a cream bullet form rather than in a pot or the squeezy applicators. I find this way I won’t apply too much. 

I was really surprised that this lip balm had no smell. Looking so bright and colourful I just assumed that it would have a strong smell but I was wrong! I sort of have mixed feelings about products that have smells. I personally prefer if they don’t have any smell but if they have a slight smell that’s okay. I feel as if products that have no smell work better. Why do I think that I’m not sure? 

What really surprised me is how many shades that there were. There are 9 beautiful shades mainly in the pink/peach spectrum but there are a few purple-pink colours. The shade that I have is flowery princess which might I just add what a cute name! Most of the names are floral related and I think that is super cute. 


How much do you think that Japanese cosmetics would be? I personally assumed that they would be quite expensive but I was surprisingly wrong. I got this though W cosmetics which is a lovely store that is both online and Located in Brisbane that stocks all the best Japanese and Korean beauty brands!

Not only do they have a wide range, they are super affordable. This lip balm was only $15AUD which is so cheap! For the quality of it, I was blown away! You can get it here. 

The results of this lip blam are breathtaking. Not only is the colour AMAZING but they instantly make my lips feel soft. I also really like how they give your lips a slightly glossy shine which I think make my lips look plumper.

What made me giggle was on the W cosmetics website, under the description it says that this lip balm will satisfie even the most demanding women and I can certainly say it would! It has so many natural ingredients that are amazing for you like jojoba oil, olive oil, rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil, pomegranate oil. 

I seriously recommend you give this a go! I give this a 5/5.

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Please note that products in this post have been received by PR. Regardless of this these opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links in this post.


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  1. Wow this product is amazing as I have never thought of purchasing this particular brand but your lips look amazing and will be buying it sooner than later.
    Thanks for the great information on different beauty products that are at there.
    Am very grateful and keep up the great work.

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