The secret to AMAZING Curls

I got a perm. I know what your thinking, aren’t perm for old ladies and people wanting to relive the 80s? Nope, you’re wrong. Perms have evolved with the times, that is they can be done with big or small rollers, loose or tight. For me, I got a loose spiral curl to give my flat boring lifeless hair more volume and let me tell you it did the trick. What I didn’t realise, however, is how different caring for curly hair is. 

Washing, Brushing and styling are a lot harder, especially if you are not used to working with curly hair. What you use is critical to whether your curls look moistured and bouncy or dry and fuzzy! That was a big shock to make and for a while, made me regret my decision. My curls were a fuzzy mess and I just wanted to cry. Never fear I found the answer. The one thing that really saved my life and made me love my hair was the John Frieda Dream Curls Frizz Ease shampoo!

What makes it so good?
This shampoo adds much-needed moisture to curls whilst combatting frizzy hair. It’s infused with Abyssinian Oil which is an ultralight non-greasy oil amazing for adding moisture to hair and skin! This shampoo will combat any type of frizz from mild fuzz to a crazy afro! It is also safe for coloured hair!

I love all of John Frieda’s packaging. I like how this comes in a squeezy bottle with the opening at the bottom to make for easy application and to stop the shampoo from being stuck at the top.

So I like to apply this to the top of my head and wash only half the way down my hair. I don’t like to add it to the ends of my hair since when you rinse it off it will go to the ends anyways. I find that this works the best for my hair since my hair can be quite dry. I like to lather for about a minute or two and then rinse with lukewarm to cold water. After it is rinsed I apply either the Frizz-ease conditioner or the cool dip beach blonde conditioner again by John Frieda. I find that washing my hair this way leaves my curls looking amazing!

Coming in at $16 AUD it’s worth every cent for perfect hair. You can get it here.

Without this shampoo, I can honestly say I would have regretted getting a perm. Would I get a perm again? Not sure yet. Does this shampoo help with curls. HELL YES. If you have a perm, frizzy hair or natural curls you need this in your life. 

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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  1. Hey just loved reading about you getting a perm. I just love perms but sadly when I did get a perm all those years ago it really did destroy my hair.

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