Let’s talk about Acrylic Nails!!

Happy Sunday guys! If only it could always be Sunday. 

For the last few months, my latest obsession has been Acrylic Nails. It all started the week before my 21st birthday. My younger sister has had acrylics for ages and they just look so nice but they kind of scared me. I have super ugly nails, their square and manly in my opinion so I thought why not let’s go all out. From there I was hooked.

But what are Acrylic Nails?
Acrylic nails are fake nails. They are a powder acrylic that is set using UV/LED light. If you want longer nails then its no problem they glue on a tip and then add the Acrylic ontop which is what I did when I first got them.

Are they bad for you?
Well, it really depends. If you are smart about it then it’s fine. First of all, you would want to go to a salon that uses LED lights rather than UV lights.
Secondly, you’d want to go to a clean salon. If it looks dodgy don’t bother.
Finally whilst they do weaken your nails there is a reason for that. Your nails are 1) being sanded down at first to create an even surface and 2) not being exposed to air/nutrients since their covered so of course, they are going to weaken. But its okay because the new nail that grows, given it is not covered by acrylic will be normal so if you are wanting to get rid of your acrylics, let your nails grow out a bit and then get them removed and cut short.

Do acrylics hurt?
When you first get them yes they do for about a day. If you have never had them then it kind of makes sense. It is your nail bed getting used to having weight constantly on them. Don’t worry it goes away.

Is it hard to do things with them?
Yes and no. It is IMPOSSIBLE to pick up things like cards and coins if you drop them on the floor and you can’t really pop pimples or pick your face (which is why I kept them). Normal things like writing, texting, typing, cooking etc. is no problem. It is just a case of getting used to them.

How do you look after them?
I apply moisturiser and nail oil to my hands every night to help keep the nail bed hydrated. I clean underneath as much as possible since they are longer right now, they can get pretty gross underneath if you don’t. I also get then refilled once a month. Other than that I don’t really do anything to look after them. I have broken them (the same one twice in one week) because I got it caught in a door at my job (yes both times). 

Do they chip?
I have rarely had a nail chip. I always get shellac on top since it is fairly long lasting. I find having a matte top coat will cause them to chip a little towards the end of the month but the only real issue you get with how they look is when they are growing out.

Let’s take a trip down my nail memory lane.

The first nails I got done in January.
These were the next ones I got done in Febuary. These were colour changing they went from orange to purple.
In March I was feeling a plane dark nail with shimmer. The lady cut all the length off my nails. I was devastated.
In April I went like something shiny so I got a holo powder with a cute red!
These are my current nails. Matte black with a rose gold shimmer nail. I like this picture because the rose quarts matches my rose gold nail.

Do you have acrylic nails?

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
Sign Off


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  1. Just loved reading all about getting your nails done. You have written a great blog post and I am thinking about getting my nails done all because of your blog post. Keep up the great work as I love your blog.

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