Too Faced Love Light Highlighter

Too Faced is my guilty little pleasure. Their packaging is so cute and their products are just AMAZING. It’s my go-to brand right now! The Too Faced love light may look cute but girl let me tell you. IT PACKS A PUNCH.


What is the lovelight?
The love light is radiant highlighter that is vegan and cruelty-free. This beautiful highlight not only looks cute but gives your skin a luminosity boost with a super pearly consistency that will instantly brighten your complexion. It comes in 3 beautiful shades, all of which will suit most skin tones. All three of the lovelights have a super beautiful pearly metallic shine which is what makes them really pop on your skin!

I have the shade Blinded by the light which is a white/silver shade but they also have a pink shade called Ray of light and a gold shade called You light up my life. Since I already have a gold and a pink highlighter I thought I’d try a white.

OH, MY GOD, IT IS SO CUTE. It’s that cute that I want to display it EVERYWHERE. The compact is plastic with a mirror finish to the outside and on the inside, it comes with a mirror! I’m so happy that it comes with a mirror since you can bring it with you in place of your compact mirror or you can use it as a compact mirror when the product is done.


The texture of this is kinda strange but I like it. Its a powder yet it almost feels like a cream. I think because the powder is so finely milled it allows for the soft creamy texture.

Since the powder is so fine the application is beautiful. I find with some highlighters they can enlarge your pores but with this, the shimmer is so fine that it seamlessly melts into your skin giving you that beautiful glowing complexion. 


Coming in at $44.00 it isn’t cheap but so damn worth it. You can get it here.

The results of this highlighter are breathtaking. It gives your skin that beautiful glow that matte foundation sometimes hides. It even looks great on bare skin with no makeup on. Somedays if I am lazy I will only put on this highlighter and I get so many comments about how radiant my skin is looking!



I love this highlighter so damn much. It is one of the best highlighters I have used. Is it better than my beloved Hourglass  Vanish Highlighter though? That’s a tough one. I think that the Too Faced Love Light wins my top highlighter due to it being way cheaper than the Hourglass Vanish Highlighter!

What’s your favourite Highlighter?

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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10 thoughts on “Too Faced Love Light Highlighter

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  1. Hi pretty peach just a up date got pay today and yes I got the highlighter called you light up my life WOW it’s amazing love it thank you sooooo much for your in put. 😘

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  2. I have never tried this brand of makeup but I sure will as it looks amazing and the colour it truly just beautiful. Once again you have convinced me to go out and buy this product and like one of your bloggers wrote I will get paid tomorrow and plan to get this two face product.
    Great blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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