Limited Edition Winky Lux Lipstick

I was so excited when I found this little gem. I love Winky Lux and I love Marzia so when I got my hands on the Marzia/Winky Lux collaboration lipstick I WAS IN TEARS.

What is it
The Marzia Dattero lip Velour is a beautiful matte lipstick. Its a brown nude with a hint of pink. This lipstick was created especially for Marzia and aimed to be worn as an everyday lipstick.

Winky Lux packaging is just stunning. I love the gold and silver combination of the bullet. The lid also has a simple yet intricate design on it to give it that extra eye-catching effect. The bullet itself is nice and small which makes it easy to carry around. It also feels quite heavy compared to other winky lux lipsticks! 

The texture of this I don’t really like. Velvet fabric freaks me the hell out. I cannot stand touching velvet. This lipstick LITERALLY FEELS LIKE VELVET AND THAT IS JUST CRINGY FOR ME. Other people told me they like the texture of this since its so different but to me it just freaks me out. 

The application isn’t too bad. It does take a couple of swipes to get full coverage since the velvet texture and the matte/velvet finish is pretty much instant. It’s good since it drys pretty much instantly but I found that can be quite strange. You know the feeling when you put lippy on and your lips feel moisture then it drys. Yeah, you don’t get that sensation with this and that just confuses me. Plus the whole velvet texture is just scary.

This stuff smells like vanilla. It is subtle but so damn nice!

Whilst the texture of this lipstick freaks me out, the finish is incredible. It looks like a matte/velvet which WILL NOT BUDGE. I like this since it makes it so easy to wear all day and the nude colour adds that extra little pop without being too out there.

Coming in at $14.00 I think its a good price for such a great lipstick! You can get it here.

Despite the texture being super creepy I really like this. I hate when nudes are too nude to the point that they make me looked washed out or you can’t even tell I am wearing lipstick. With this, it is the perfect mixture of brown and pink which gives you that classic little pop making it perfect for work! I also like how it is quick drying but make sure you add a lip balm before since sometimes it can be a little too drying. This stuff will last all day which gets a massive tick of approval from me. Overall I give this a 3.5/5. 

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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