The Best Damn Adult Acne Treatment

As all my long-term readers know I suffer from the dreaded Adult Acne mixed with ULTRA SENSITIVE SKIN. I also have stubborn hyperpigmentation so I just can’t win. I find most acne products to harsh for my temperamental skin. One brand, however, I can use with ease. Avene! I was lucky enough to be sent some Avene products via PR and holy hell am I happy. I think that all my prayers have been answered with this one product! img_4857
What is it
The Avene TriAcneal EXPERT is meant to be an evening moisturiser but I think it’s more of a treatment or a serum rather than a moisturiser.

What does it do
This magic little cream targets blemishes, marks, and most importantly adult acne. It’s calming, smoothing and gets rid of imperfections in the skin!

It’s your classic Avene packaging. I love the white it feels so fresh. It comes in an aluminium feeling tube. I like how its super thin so it makes it super easy to travel with!

The texture of this is super strange. It’s in between a moisturiser and a serum.

It’s super easy to apply. This comes in a little pump bottle and dispenses the right amount in one pump.  I find that it’s better to cleanse with your cleanser, spray some thermal water, tone, moisturise, Use the TriAcneal EXPERT and then a facemask or any other treatment you wish to use!

I love the smell of this! To me, it smells like baby powder which I think is super fresh and calming. The smell isn’t strong but it’s definitely there.

Coming in at $27.99 AUD its a solid deal for clear skin! You can get it here!

The results are incredible. As soon as I applied this my red angry skin began to soothe itself. The redness in my skin was gone after an hour! I find that applying this to acne before you go to bed significantly reduces its size and the redness of the acne!


This stuff IS AMAZING! I really do love Avene. Having sensitive skin like mine I get kind of worried when I try new things but with Avene, I don’t! This acne treatment is a godsend. I give this a 5/5. If you suffer from sensitive skin or adult acne this is a MUST!

What other Avene products do you use? Let me know in the comments!

That’s all from me.
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