Rimmel London Provocalips

Hey Guys, By now you’d know that I have OBSESSED with anything to do with lipstick. Like I’ve said in other posts I OWN SO MANY! Everyone knows Rimmel. They are your classic drugstore brand. But let me tell you now their Provocaplips liquid lipstick is OFF THE HOOK. 

What is it
The provocalips 16 Hour Kissproof lipstick is just that. Lipstick. It’s a little different from your normal liquid lipstick as it has two sides, the pigment and then the shine and lock. I found that the more shine and lock you add to the pigment the longer it stays. It comes in 7 different colours but I only have two. 730 Made to move and 500 Kiss me you fool.

I think that the packaging is cute, it kind of reminds me of something a teenager would decorate their schoolbooks with… in a good way. It certainly isn’t luxury packaging but the lip pattern gives me some nostalgia for my high school days.


500 Kiss me you fool
730 Made to move


There isn’t really a smell to this lipstick which isn’t a bad thing. 

The pigment is very watery, I find that for the 500 Kiss me you fool it is even more watery than the 730 Made to move. The Lock and shine is pretty consistent texture wise as it is just a gloss.

The Application is a little tricky with the 500 Kiss me you fool. As the lipstick applicator is your classic wand and the pigment being so runny expect a lot of mistakes. I didn’t have the same problem with the 730 Made to move which seemed to be a little thicker. It is a little sticky when you first apply but it eventually drys. Both colours are very pigmented and apply evenly. The gloss is what makes it stay all day. When applied it doesn’t really affect the pigment base which is good.

The 730 Made me move is AMAZING. If I really pack on the lock and shine gloss it will last for up to 24 hours. It is super hard to remove and can be a little drying, I mean no one should leave lipstick on that long. The 500 Kiss Me you fool, however, girl it won’t even last two hours before it starts to flake off in the centre. This was a massive disappointment since I was so badly hoping that the 500 Kiss me you fool would be my go-to night lipstick but sadly it doesn’t last!



Coming in at $16AUD it isn’t too bad for lippy!

Final Thoughts


I really like the 730 Made to move, the colour is great, it stays forever. As for the 500 Kiss me you fool…well I’ve used better. I am keen to try more of this range so make an overall verdict but given that the 730 Made to move is just so amazing and the only thing I wear on a night out on the town. I give this a 4/5.

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
Sign Off

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  1. Nice review 😊 I am glad you mentioned scent. I used to have a couple of the rimmel apocalips which had a strong paint scent and I was afraid these could be similar. Nice to know that they are not 😊

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