My Favourite T2 Tea

Hey hey it’s Sunday. In Australia that use to be a super old show, your parents would rave on about. It’s my favourite time again, Sunday! I love doing these little lifestyle posts, they break it up a bit for me and allow me to be more creative or just have a chat. Today we are going to be talking about TEA.

WHO DOESNT LOVE TEA. Okay, a lot of people don’t and your just weird if you don’t but that’s okay I don’t discriminate. I am a sucker for tea. I drink it just as much as I drink coffee…which is a lot…pretty much multiple times a day.

But I won’t drink just any tea. I will ONLY drink tea from T2. Call me picky if you must but their tea is the best. Today ill be sharing with you my Top 5 Favourite Tea from T2.

5. Nepalese Spring White
This white tea is one of T2’s rear and special range. This tea comes straight from Nepal and costs a fair bit. But it is so good. The flavour is strong yet you can let it sit and it won’t go bitter. You can reuse the tea leaves about 4 times and the flavour profile is exactly the same! 

Cost: $48.00 30g Get it here

4. Gorgeous Geisha
My first experience with tea was green tea. My Chinese friends would often drink green tea and that was probably the first type of tea I tried. Funny enough, Gorgeous Geisha was the first tea that I tried at T2. This tea is creamy and smooth with a hint of strawberry. It is really good both hot and iced which I really like since you can drink it all year round. Made with Japanese green tea leaves and freeze-dried strawberries this is one you can’t go past. 

Cost: $16.00 100g Get it here

3. Silver Needle
I love white tea. It is probably my go-to tea whenever I am out. This white tea doesn’t have much smell but man does it pack a punch.  With notes of melon, grapefruit rind and a tingle of Champagne this white tea
has an amazing aftertaste! The only ingredient in this tea is white tea which I find confusing since it has such a unique flavour profile. 
Cost: $35.00 50g

2. Canberra Breakfast
Let me tell you now this tea is hard to get. It is one of T2’s best selling and it’s for good reason! Anyone outside of Australia or Newzeland probably won’t get what I’m talking about but this tea tastes exactly like an ANZAC biscuit. This black tea has a combo of sweet oats and coconut with a hint of rose to finish. Made with Black tea, oat flakes, cocoa husks, cinnamon, coconut chips, natural and artificial flavouring, rose petals, vanilla it is simply breathtaking. I like to have mine with some soy milk since the nuttiness really makes it taste like an ANZAC biscuit. 

Cost: $14.00 100g Get it here.

1.  Mint Mix
My all-time favourite tea from T2 right now is Mint Mix. It is described as a combination of peppermint with the sweetness of spearmint and the subtle freshness of Lemon Verbena. Made with a blend of Peppermint, spearmint, lemon verbena this is definitely the best on a cold winters day or just before bed or when you are sick! I Love peppermint tea but after drinking this, all other peppermint teas just don’t do it for me anymore. I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse that I found this tea. 

Cost: $16.00 50g Get it here.

You guys should try T2 out! If you have let me know in the comments what your favourite tea is. If you haven’t tell me what tea you drink!

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
Sign Off


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