Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water

With the weather in Australia starting to get cooler and my skin getting dry it’s about time I review this product!

What is it
The Avenue Eau thermal spring water spray is a regression spray made for sensitive skin.

What does it do
This spray provides needed moisture whilst soothing the skin. I find it very refreshing and relaxing. There is nothing nicer then applying this before bed!!

The spring water comes in a big white spray bottle the same as a hairspray bottle. It’s simplistic and pleasant to look at.

You hold it 5″ away from your face and spray really. It’s basic.

The results are what get me. Whilst I know it is just spring water I find that it really calms my angry red skin down whilst providing me with refreshment and moisture.

Coming in at $26 AUD for 300ml it isn’t cheap. I mean it’s just water.

Final thoughts
Whilst I know it’s just overpriced spring water the results are amazing. My skin gets very irritated and red especially when I am stressed, so when I apply this before bed it’s so helpful!

Have you guys tried this?

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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