Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask

It’s me again back with another Biore review. As I specified in my last review on Biore I’d never tried their products before. The PR team was kind enough to send me both the new charcoal acne scrub (which you can read about here) and the Self Heating One Minute Mask. As you should know by now, I never sugar coat anything so whilst it was gifted to me, this is what I honestly think of the product. It would probably be easier just to tell you I wasn’t given these via PR but I respect you guys way too much. Anywho now that the big disclaimer is over onto the reason you actually clicked on this post.


What is it
It is a one minute Self Heating One Minute face mask. Its aim is to provide a deep clean to the skin. The heat of the mask opens up pores to help clean the pores out. I really like the idea of this since sometimes I have no time for a face mask to set!

What does it do
It’s a Self Heating mask that’s goal is to provide your pores with a deep clean.

The packaging I have mixed feeling about. Whilst the graphic is true to Biore style that’s not what bothers me. The mask comes in individual sachets which is good since it measures out the right amount of product but super super annoying since it is so damn hard to get the product out of!


I found that this mask had a slight peppermint smell, nothing overpowering. Just enough to notice though!

The texture of this mask was complex. It was a very thin gel-like consistency yet had a grey tinge to it.

The application was simple after you got it out of the Sachets of course. You just rub it all over your skin for about a minute then rings it off. I find the more you rub the warmer it gets but you can feel the heat as soon as you apply it. It’s very relaxing.


Whilst there were no visible results I can defiantly feel the difference in my skin after I use this. My skin feels clean and not for a few minutes but a few days! I believe it is because the heat of the mask really works to open up your pores giving it that deep clean.

Retailing at $7.99 AUD it is a steal!!! You can get it at

Final thoughts
How can a mask this good only be $7.99 AUD! I just don’t understand. The only issue I have is the sachets but that’s nothing major. As I’m writing this I am thinking about going out and buying another box cause I know these won’t last long for me! It’s something I will be incorporating into my weekly routine!

What’s your favourite Biore product?

That’s all from me!
Until next time xxx
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  1. Great review! I have actually tried these out but I wasn’t a fan of the way it felt. I think I have a problem with putting warm stuff on my face haha because that warm feeling of the mask just me off! Anyways, I’m sure it’s a great mask though I just never got to try it properly! xx

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