Is it consistent? Karen Murrell Lipstick

So I am doing a review the Provocalips lippy’s by Rimmel and found that their formula was not consistent which sparked interest within me. All my current lipsticks I have in sets or I have more than one colour in that particular set and I have never really noticed this with a side by side comparison. I guess I just assume that they’d be all consistent! 

The kind PR team for the Karen Murrell brand sent me another one of their lippies. If you read my first review on it (which you can read here) I loved the lipstick. I really liked it however one lipstick costs $30 AUD which is a lot for one lipstick. However, they are all natural and I found work like a lip balm for me personally. So I can see as to why they are so expensive. 

The Karen Murrell team sent me the shade violet mousse which they describe as the little black dress of lippies. It’s a colour that looks good on anyone and can be worn in the office or on a night out. This intrigued me even more. I was so excited to compare.


let’s get down tot he comparison

So the little box that each shade comes in is different. It is a reflection of the lipsticks own unique characteristics which I really like. The bullet, however, is the classic Karen Murrell black tubes which I really like. Since they are all the same collection this is to be expected. 


Here is where it gets exciting for me. As you can see I have two very different shades, one a vibrant coral pink and one a deep rich nude/pink. You’d think that the bright coral would have less of a pigmentation than the rich deep pink. Wrong. I found Coral dawn to be more pigmented then violet mousse! I should point out that violet mousse is still very pigmented, however, with the coral dawn I only needed to swipe it once whilst in violet mousse I had to go over it to get the full effect. 


They both smelt like lemonade but the coral dawns scent was stronger.

The texture of these lipsticks is very unique. They both feel like lip balms. I did notice a difference in texture. Whilst they are both a thin and moist texture I found coral dawn to be thicker and not as moisturising as violet mousse. 

These lipsticks last so damn long. Both colours did not budge and both lasted for around 4-5 hours. I found that violet mousse lasted longer but that colour is close to my natural lip colour. They both left my lips feeling soft and sufficiently moisturised!


It’s safe to say that these lipsticks are way more consistent and reliable and that this brand holds up to standards. Whilst they are expensive they are so totally worth it! You can get them here!

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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