Biore Charcoal Acne scrub


Before I start, yes this item was sent to me via PR however, you guys know me. I am brutally honest and won’t say something good just because it got given to me! So with that in mind here is my review of the new Biore Charcoal Acne Scrub.

What is it
Its a charcoal scrub formulated for those with oily skin. Full of charcoal and my favourite ingredient salicylic acid to get those dirty pores clean! It’s got microcrystals in it to really penetrate the skin and get rid of that nasty dead skin.

What does it do
It exfoliates the skin whilst fighting off acne-causing oils to leave your skin pure and clean!

This stuff comes in a handy squeeze bottle which I love. There is nothing worse when you need to dig out your scrub from a tub! I kind of like the art on the packaging the black circles remind me of dirty pores. It’s nothing fancy but it’s practical!

The texture of the scrub is thick and gooey with small black crystals and specs of orange scattered throughout it.

The application is actually pretty fun. It comes out of the bottle as a thick gooey consistency and once you rub it in it gets sort of foamy and thick.

To me, it smelt like there were hints of citrus. There wasn’t really much of a smell at all which I prefer in products!

Man oh man am I impressed with these results. I get really dry patches on my skin but can’t use scrubs too often due to the sensitivity but with this, there was no irritation or drying out of my skin what so ever. I also like how once you wash it off it leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed which was something very surprising to me!

But the thing that made me fall in love with this is how well it works! You can use it 2-3 times a week or as needed. As my long-time readers know I love trying new products and my sensitive skin suffers from it. I’d been playing around with other products before this and my skin wasn’t exactly in good shape…so  I started off using this scrub every second day for a week then dropped off to 3 times a week. I have been using this for about two weeks now…look at these results. 


Coming in at $9.99 AUD it is a steal. I am so surprised at how cheap it is. You can get it here:

Final thoughts


I am amazed at how well this product worked! I usually only use high-end skincare products but wow I am impressed. I’m not sure why I never tried this brand before. I feel super annoyed in a way since I have spent so much money on high-end skincare products that haven’t had the same results as this. As I said at the start of this review yes I was sent it via PR, however, I am genuinely surprised. I mean look at those damn results! This is way better than the current scrub I am using and will be replacing it with this!  I so need to look at the rest of this range! I give this 5/5!

Have you guys tried any Biore products? If so let me know what is your favourite. If not..well you need to! 

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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6 thoughts on “Biore Charcoal Acne scrub

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  1. I am amazed at how well this has worked. I have seen this brand before but have never picked it up. Do they have cleansers? My problem is dry skin. Do they have anything that could help me?
    I love your blog and your Pinterest by the way!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, I’m super glad that you like my blog and Pinterest. That means a lot to me. I think that your best bet is to go onto the Biore website ( and read the product descriptions to find the product that works best for your skin!


  2. Absolutely love your website, haven’t come across the Biore Charcoal Acne Scrub, I must give it a try as I love Biore and their pore strips which help me drastically when my pores are clogged.


  3. This product that you reviewed sounds amazing. Have to admit I really have not tried any of the Biore products but after reading your review and other peoples comments I will try this one as it sounds amazing.

    Thanks again for another great review and keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

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