Blaq Meteor Shower Body Scrub

It’s me again! Time for another review yay! In a bellabox I got in February (yes that is how far back I write my posts before publishing) I received the blaq meteor shower body scrub!

What is it
It claims to be a body scrub filled with actual meteors from out of space. But it also says it’s made with charcoal and glitter. I’m not sure how they get the meteor fragments…or if there even is any in it.

 What does it do
It’s an exfoliating body scrub that makes your skin smooth. 

I really dislike the packaging. It’s a small ziplock bag which whilst waterproof very bloody hard to open in the shower when wet.

Very grainy like charcoal mixed with breadcrumbs.

It has a very nice fragrant smell. I can’t really describe it. My longtime readers will know I’m bad at describing the smell.

Well….whilst it makes your skin smooth it is SO HARD TO GET OFF. It stained my skin leaving me to look bruised and required some serious scrubbing. Not to mention it is so bloody messy it left my white shower stained.

Coming in at $24.95 AUD I’m not sure if its good value or not. I got a mini sample in my bellabox and the website doesn’t say how many grams you get so for all I know it’s the same size as I got.

Final thoughts
There are so many better body scrubs that don’t stain you or your shower. I also want to know how they get their meteor fragments and if they do actually have them why wouldn’t the product be more expensive? It makes me question if they’re telling the truth or not. I rate this a 1/5.

Have you guys tried this? What do you think?

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
Sign Off

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