Silk Oil Of Morocco Hair Care


I am obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with Silk oil of Morocco. Their shampoos and Conditioners, their sprays and oils and cream. Anything Silk oil of Morocco, give it to me. Now I am going to talk about my three favourite products that I use every day from Silk oil of Morocco. Their volumizer, their Curl Cream and their argan oil treatment.


Who are they and what do the products do?
Silk Oil of Morocco is an Australian company who uses Argon oil in ALL of their products. That’s right. The volumizer, that well volumizes has argon oil, The curl cream that makes your dry lifeless curls instantly look bouncy again has argon oil and the argan oil treatment…you guessed it has argan oil. The treatment is a serum that is applied to your hair skin and nails to add moisture.

All Silk Oil of Morocco items are packaged in a brown plastic bottle. Depending on the collection is to what colour of the tree on the bottle is. For example, the volumizing collection which also has shampoo, conditioner and a hair treatment is red whilst the green labels are for their curl collection. 

All of their products have a unique and distinctive smell. It’s subtle and sweet. Almost fruity. You can identify a Silk oil of Morocco product by its amazing smell.

How do they perform?
So for the volumizer, you spray it in, shake your hair out and BOOM. You now have lusciously bouncy hair.

The Curl Cream is a dream come true. I have a perm (which there is a post to come about that) so my hair is quite dry and sometimes my curls are limp and depressing. Pop this bad boy on and my hair looks like it’s been freshly curled. It’s amazing.
Now the Argan Oil treatment, man oh man. If you have dry hair, skin or nail beds this is what you need. It works almost instantly! I like to use it on my ends and my face. I put it in before I go to bed and BOOM I wake up with amazingly shiny, healthy looking and soft hair.

I am not gonna lie, there a little pricey. Depending on what you get it can cost you between $30-100 for a product. I do have to say you get what you pay for! 

Final Thoughts
Girl this post was more me getting excited about how much I love this brand rather than a review. I have done a review on some of their products before. If you want a more detailed description to feel free to leave a comment down below.

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
Sign Off

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  1. Thank you for your amazing blog. I truly love reading all your reviews and would like to thankyou as I have tried most of the ones you have reviewed about. Went out on a limb because of your blog post on this Silk oil of Morocco and bought the shampoo and conditioner. Wow wow you are so right it smells the best and it did wonders on my chemical treated hair. Am looking to buying more products from this brand all because of you.

    Thank you for this awesome blog 🙂


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