Hourglass Vanish Highlithing Stick

Highlighters are all the rage right now. I mean who doesn’t love looking like they glow! I know for me personally, I am in love with my highlighter and use it every day even when I’m not wearing a full face of makeup. Hourglass has recently launched in Australia their Vanish Highlighting stick.


What is it
A highlighting stick. 

What does it do
It is a soft highlighting stick that creates a seamless glow. It comes in five colours so you can mix and match colours and even layer them to create your own unique highlight.

The packaging is quite heavy which I think makes it feel luxurious. It’s pretty big so you get a fair it of product. It works like a lipstick bullet where you take the top off and twist to get the product.


It has a really nice subtle baby powder smell.

Okay, this is what gets me. The texture is like a powder that is a cream….sorry what. So it applies like a cream but feels like a powder. On the skin, it feels like a powder too.


So the type of finish depends on how you apply it. You can apply it under your foundation to give your skin an all over subtle glow or you can do my personal favourite and apply it after foundation to the upper parts of your face for that amazing glow. The best part is for the best results use your fingers to blend it out.

The results are AMAZING. A small amount goes a long way. I like to layer my highlight and look super shiny and man oh man is it easy to do with this highlighter. It is also long-lasting. I tried this highlighter on my 21st birthday, I partied ALL NIGHT LONG and NO SMUDGING. I WAS STILL A GLOWING GODDESS. 

Okay here is where it hurts, one of these will set you back $60 AUD. OUCH. 

Final Thoughts
I LOVE THIS HIGHLIGHTER. I got the colour champaign flash but I found in the store all of them suited my skin tone. I like highlighters with a slight goldish brown shimmer and with a pinky tinge. This collection has 6 colours and I was so torn between champaign flash and pink flash. I must get pink flash and mix them together to create my ultimate highlight shade! I like the fact that you can mix these highlights to create a tone that works for you. I give this a 5/5. It is worth every cent.

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
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