Karen Murrell Coral Dawn Lipstick

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for lipstick so when I got this in my bellabox I was stoked!

This isn’t a brand I’ve heard about before. Apparently, their an all-natural New Zealand brand who have just made their way into Australia!

This lipstick range is just called Karen Murrell. There is 7 shades and a Lip Balm. There is moisture stick which is lip balm. Sandstorm which is a brownie nude. Cordovannatural which is again a nude but a darker brown. Vilotemousse which is a natural pink. Poppingpassion which is a vibrant pink. Coral dawn which is a beautiful coral. Rymbarhyme which is a beautiful deep red and rata which is a deep red-purple.


The shade I got was coral dawn which is a beautiful coral shade. The packaging is super sleek and luxurious. I love it so much.

The first thing I noticed is it smelt like lemonade. It sadly did not taste like lemonade.

The colour is super super pigmented. It is A very thin and moist texture to the point it feels like lip balm. I’d say the finish is more of a velvet which I really really like.


It does not transfer AT ALL! Which is a shock since it’s a very moist lipstick and best of all it lasts for about 6 hours!

Retailing at $30 it is a bit steep to pay for a lipstick.

Final Thoughts
Price- 3/10
Rating- 9/10
Would I buy again? To be honest yeah I would. I cannot get enough of the lovely lemonade smell and the colour pay off is amazing!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx

Sign Off

Header Image from : Designed by Freepik



6 thoughts on “Karen Murrell Coral Dawn Lipstick

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      1. Hello there I love this lipstick and the colour look amazing. I feel this pricing of this lipstick is okay and I know for that I have purchased lipsticks in that past and have paid twice the price and didn’t last the distance am looking for of purchasing this lipstick in the future.
        Thanks again for your amazing blog just love it.

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