Spinning Makeup Brush Cleaner. Does it work?


Everyone has heard about these spinning makeup brush cleaners. They look as if they instantly clean your makeup brushes with no effort. But do they actually work? I’m here to find out. I am gonna keep this post short and sweet for you guys!


So there are many types of these brush cleaners on the market, ranging from $60-$300. I opted for the cheaper one since if it doesn’t work well at least I didn’t waste $300. 

Basically, you just fill the bowl with warm water and add brush cleaner or liquid soap. I opted for soap since I am allergic to brush cleaning chemicals. You find the rubber attachment that fits on the end of your bush and dunk it in the water for 30 seconds and turn it on. You then lift it out of the water to dry and BAM you’re done.

To my delight, it worked really well. My brushes had not been cleaned in MONTHS and they came up almost brand new. I was amazed. You do need to be careful, however, if you are cleaning a cheap brush, it WILL BREAK which is really annoying. 


I can sufficiently say with full confidence that this product is AMAZING! I do however fail to see why you would spend $300 on one of these when they all do the exact same. I give this a 100000/5. It is truly a game changer.


Well, that’s the end of this short and sweet post. 
That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
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Header Image From: Designed by Freepik


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