The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Face Mask


As we all know, I am a sucker for face masks, I am also a sucker for anything Japanese so when the Face shop launched there international face mask range I SCREAMED. I mean it has the word Japanese and the word Face Mask in the title. IT WAS CALLING ME.

What is it?
It’s a face mask enriched with Japanese matcha, dandelion extract and aloe vera. Basic which is what I like.


What does it do?
This mask purifies and exfoliates the skin from weekly build up. It is a purifying mask, that cleans your skin and reveals a radiant youthful glow.

The mask comes in a 75ml tub which is quite heavy. It appears to be made from glass so you wouldn’t want to drop it. It has a plastic lid with the body shops logo on top. Sadly the amount of product you get and how bulky the packaging it gives the illusion that you’re getting a lot of product.


The texture of this mask is very thin. It has chunks of god knows what in it which is meant to exfoliate your skin. It’s almost like a moisturiser.


This mask smells very earthy. Almost like dirt and Matcha mixed together. I quite like it since it’s a fresh smell but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

When you apply this mask it does not harden. It stays wet on the skin. Maybe if you left it for a while it would but the packaging recommends 5-10 minutes.

As soon as you apply the mask you feel a strange tingle which at first I thought was just an allergic reaction. After further investigation, it just means that the mask is working. After you take it off you don’t notice any difference in your skin. The real magic happens the next day. Your skin is calm, clean and smooth. It has a slight glow to it and feels sufficiently moisturised. If you have oily skin you’ll defiantly notice the difference the next day.

$35AUD. It isn’t a cheap mask but it isn’t the most expensive mask.

Final Thoughts
I really like this mask. It gives your skin a good clean out! I find it’s my go-to mask when I am on my monthly or when my skin really needs a pick me up. If you are break out prone like I am then you should definitely pick up this mask!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx

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